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Ranvir Singh accidentally shares home address and phone number in GMB blunder

The ITV star shared more than she bargained for

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Ranvir Singh accidentally broadcast her home address and telephone number this Bank Holiday Monday on GMB.

The Good Morning Breakfast star proudly showed off her puppy live on air.

However, as the cameras zoomed in on the adorable pooch, his collar’s inscription was shared.

One viewer tweeted: “@ranvir01 – please be careful you’ve just shown everyone your home address on your dog’s tag.”

A second viewer warned: “@GMB gorgeous dog on today. Just to let you know that the collar tag was visible and I think could show house no and postcode.”

Ranvir Singh suffers GMB blunder

ranvir singh
Ranvir Singh proudly showed off her pet dog (Credit: ITV)

And a third user urged: “@ranvir01 the whole of the #gmb@GMB viewers has just seen your phone number on your pup’s tag he’s adorable BTW.”

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Meanwhile, a fourth viewer seemed to find humour in the mistake: “That moment on @GMB when @ranvir01 held up her dog on camera and revealed her postcode and house number on the name tag to national TV woopsie.”

As her puppy Schmizzles was unleashed onto the studio, he bounded up to Ranvir’s lap.

Looking right at home at the GMB desk, he seemed unbothered by the studio environment.

Ranvir went on to apologise to her co-host Sean Fletcher.

She said he had gotten over amorous with Sean and humped his leg.

She said: “I’ve just had to apologise, there was a rather over-amorous incident that occurred this morning, completely not of Sean’s doing.

Viewers could see the presenter’s personal details

ranvir singh
Ranvir Singh apologised to Sean Fletcher after her dog humped him (Credit: ITV)

“I’m sorry you were humped by my dog, I apologise.”

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Meanwhile, laughing it off, Sean replied: “I didn’t know if you were going to go there!

“He really liked the smell of me because I’ve got a girl dog and you’ve got a boy dog, and that’s when the humping started.”

Ranvir teased: “You’re deflecting here, we all have over-amorous feelings towards you Sean, I’m not wrong am I Laura?”

Weather presenter Laura Tobin replied: “No!”

However, Ranvir added: “We all just have to keep our distance.”

Sean joked: “No ladies hump me like your dog. He is an adorable dog but when he started humping me I thought we’d crossed the line.”

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