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Saturday 4th April 2020

This Morning presenter Lisa Snowdon in lockdown with coronavirus symptoms

Couple have symptoms of COVID-19

This Morning presenter Lisa Snowdon is suffering coronavirus symptoms and is in self-isolating lockdown with her fiance George Smart.

This Morning presenter Lisa Snowdon and her fiance George Smart are both in lockdown with symptoms of coronavirus (Credit:

Lisa, 48, a regular on This Morning, took to Instagram to update followers on their condition, telling people how important it is to stay at home because symptoms come in 'waves' and even though you think you are well you could be a super-spreader.

She went on to reveal that she felt so 'wiped out' for the first couple of days she could barely get out bed, staying in her pyjamas all day, but has since found showering and getting dressed has made her feel a bit better.

Lisa Snowdon posted a video explaining her and George's symptoms (Credit: Instagram)

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In an Instagram video called "Coronavirus-Isolation Day 4", Lisa explained:

"George started feeling ill on Friday evening, but you kind of have to work out your symptoms yourself.

"There's a checklist of coronavirus symptoms but different people have different symptoms I'm finding.

"George had a fever on Friday and luckily I had a Peppa Pig thermometer in the first aid kit that I bought years ago for the kids.

"I took his temperature and it was raging high, really scary high, and I thought it was flu. He had a headache, he didn't have a cough, he had a fever."

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Hi all! Wanted to check in and say hello and to let you all know how George and I have been feeling the last few days. Now, I’m not a doctor and everyone’s symptoms of this virus seem to vary quite a bit, so I wanted to tell how we have been effected. I also wanted to share some things I’ve learnt about dealing with it and what herbal remedies to take and stock up on just in case. Wanted to shout out to Heather ( think I called her Helen 🤦🏻‍♀️) My local fishmongers KC Fisheries. Mus at @woodstock.loughton @benamilne at @bombettalondon Thanks to @pureprkelly at @pureprlondon for sending us a care package full of pamper goodies to see us through this isolation period, to @donnaida and Bobby Dazzler for sending cupcakes and my awesome neighbours Steve and Sophie. What a wonderful little community we are lucky enough to live in. Keep healthy, happy and smiling my friends. OH! And pick up the phone and call people, CONNECT! 🙏🏽

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Lisa went on to explain that coronavirus symptoms feel 'quite different' to the flu and likened the fever to the menopause.

She said: "Headaches for us are quite severe. I've got a dry cough, it's a persistent cough. I haven't really had a fever though but because I'm very menopausal I get hot flushes.

Lisa went on to thank the NHS and urged people to stay at home so they don't become super-spreaders (Credit: Instagram)

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"I was joking with my friend earlier that it was coronapause. A corona/menopause situation. Maybe it's too early to joke about those things."

Followers commenting on the post wishing Lisa and George well, and thanking Lisa for the informative post.

So far, there have been 422 deaths from coronavirus in the UK but people are still not being tested if they think they have the disease.

Celebrity friends also sent their best wishes including Gaby Roslin who said: "Wish you both better my sweet. Sending love."

Lizzie Cundy added: "Thinking of you darling. Love to you both from me."

Loose Women's Ruth Langsford went on to say: "Hope you & George feel better soon... Lots of love."

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