ITV This Morning phone in shocks hosts

ITV viewers shocked at This Morning sex phone-in as Holly and Phil beg caller to ‘stop’

Came after Vanessa's sex tips

ITV viewers tuning into This Morning today (March 7) had a bit of a shock during the phone-in.

Hosted by Vanessa Feltz, it was a pretty racy one.

It followed on from Vanessa’s sex tips earlier on in the show.

However, neither Vanessa, nor hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were ready for what was to come when they spoke to a caller named Julia.

ITV this morning hosts holly and phil
Today’s This Morning phone-in turned the air blue (Credit: ITV)

What happened on This Morning today?

Julia called up the show and revealed she is turning 60 this year and also celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary.

She started by admitting: “Vanessa you’re my inspiration. I’ve loved you for years.”

Then she launched into her risqué story.

“It’s also our 10th wedding anniversary and we’ve decided we’re going to do everything we can this year,” Julia said.

“We’ve just got back from the 90s Reloaded at Butlins, oh my god, all that raving.

“We took the grandkids and we sent them off to Fantasy Island, knowing it would be shut, so we could have a bit of jiggery pokery while they were away,” she giggled.

However, Julia added: “But they walked really fast and they came back and nearly copped us, we’ve got the window open and everything.”

She then switched things up a level with her next anecdote.

“When we stay with the kids he lends us his bed and he even said to us: ‘Do you still have sex?’

“We said: ‘Oh no not in anyone else’s bed, only our own.'”

However, she added: “So we’ve had to be really careful with the sheets and things!”

Vanessa on ITV's This Morning
Vanessa Feltz was shocked by the caller’s revelations (Credit: ITV)

How did Holly and Phil react?

Phil was the first to tell Julia to “stop”.

“Oh god stop!” he pleaded. “Stop! Stop!”

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“I’m too young for this conversation,” Vanessa admitted.

“You’ve actually made Vanessa Feltz blush,” quipped Holly.

ITV this morning hosts holly and phil
Holly and Phil begged the woman to stop telling her story (Credit: ITV)

How did This Morning viewers react to the ITV phone-in?

Pretty much with disgust, it has to be said!

One woman said: “I am 61 and find this thoroughly embarrassing, have some dignity ffs!”

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Another added: “This is the worst thing I have ever been exposed to on the television.”

“This is getting absolutely disgusting,” another added.

Others said Julia shared “far too much information”.

“I’m not sure any of us need to know any of this Julia! Jesus Christ on a bike! Far too much information,” they said.

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