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The Repair Shop: Suzie Fletcher comforts elderly man as he weeps over brother’s selfless gesture

His brother got the folder in the Second World War

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The Repair Shop expert Suzie Fletcher fixed up a document case that an elderly man got from his late brother in last night’s emotional episode.

And viewers’ hearts broke for Malcolm as he spoke about his older sibling and wept while discussing one of his kind gestures on the BBC programme.

On The Repair Shop, Malcolm brought in a folder for Suzie Fletcher to fix (Credit: BBC)

What happened with Suzie Fletcher on The Repair Shop?

During Wednesday (February 17) evening’s episode, The Repair Shop expert Suzie Fletcher welcomed Malcolm into the studio.

He had with him an old case that his brother John got during the Second World War.

Suzie comforted Malcolm as he wept for his late brother (Credit: BBC)

Malcolm said: “He was nine years older than me, he was the kindest, most gentle man you’ve ever met. We grew up together in Peckham, in south London.”

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Malcolm explained that before the war, he and John were evacuated.

He said: “My brother looked after me all the time… it was just great being together.”

Malcolm and his brother John, who served in the Second World War (Credit: BBC)

But eventually, John was old enough to fight and joined the tank corps in 1942.

Malcolm explained that he was so worried for his brother, but John survived and Malcolm recalled the “magic” day he came home.

The leather document folder, I’m not sure my emotions can cope.

He said: “As everyone did, we put a big sign out saying ‘Welcome home, John’. And I was at school, and I came cycling back with my friends saying, ‘Look what we’ve done’.

“John had got there first and turned it around…”

At that point, Malcolm’s voice broke and he wept.

Malcolm discussed one of his brother’s selfless gestures (Credit: BBC)

John’s selfless gesture

He continued: “And it said, ‘Welcome home, Malcolm’. And I just ran in and cuddled him.”

“Oh, bless him,” Suzie said.

Malcolm went on to explain that John became a teacher. Unfortunately, he died suddenly in 1984 and Malcolm felt he’d never got the chance to say goodbye properly.

Thankfully, Suzie expertly repaired the document folder, which would serve as a lasting memorial to John as Malcolm’s family would pass it down through the generations.

The Repair Shop, Malcolm and Suzie Fletcher (Credit: BBC)

How did The Repair Shop viewers react?

On Twitter, Malcolm and his story had viewers in tears.

One said, with a string of crying emojis: “Oh good lord #therepairshop is killing me tonight – THE DOCUMENT FOLDER.”

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Another tweeted: “I thought the wooden ice cream maker would be it for me tonight, but the leather document folder, I’m not sure my emotions can cope #TheRepairShop.”

A third said, using a broken heart emoji: “@TheRepairShop breaking me again tonight with this man’s document case #therepairshop.”

A fourth applauded: “What a beautiful job on the document case #TheRepairShop.”

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