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The One Show: Don Gilet branded ‘rude’ after ‘car crash’ interview with Alex Jones

He told the host to 'stop shouting'

The One Show host Alex Jones celebrated her birthday on last night’s show (March 18), but it wasn’t all fun and games.

Alex turned 44 yesterday and hosted her birthday show alongside Michael Ball.

Kate Garraway appeared early on in the show and wished Alex a happy birthday.

But EastEnders star Don Gilet, who appeared at the end of the show, definitely didn’t.

In fact, in what viewers called a “car crash” interview, he chastised Alex and told her off for “shouting”.

Alex jones on the one show
Alex Jones told Don Gilet she would ‘leave it there’ after her accused her of shouting (Credit: BBC)

What happened to Alex Jones on The One Show?

Don joined the show via video link, and it soon transpired that they had a bit of a dodgy line.

Alex said: “Don, welcome along. So a big night on EastEnders, your last night on the Square. What can you tell us about the way you leave?”

Don, who played Lucas Johnson, shook his head before sitting in silence, which prompted Alex to ask: “Can you hear us Don?”

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He said he could before cutting out again.

Alex quipped: “Hey Don, this is your big moment! You’ve been huge part of the storyline and tonight it all comes to a conclusion but what can you tell us…”

“Alex, it’s not about shouting, it’s just the signal okay!” he interrupted.

Being rude to Alex is like kicking a puppy. And on her birthday too. Glad they chopped the rude bugger.

“We’ve been struggling with the signal,” Alex admitted. “Basically tell us what you can.”

“I’m not going to tell you anything, you’ll have to watch, it’s on in a few seconds,” he said.

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Don added: “But I found it quite moving to shoot. Put it that way.”

Turning to co-host Michael Ball, Alex looked a little awkward and said: “Okay, shall we leave it there? The signal is bad, really sorry.”

Don then froze again, with his arms stuck in the air in exasperation, with Michael, Alex and Kate erupting into laughter.

don gilet gets the hump
Don was exasperated with his signal problems on The One Show (Credit: BBC)

How did viewers react to the interview?

Viewers were very much team Alex and took to Twitter to say as much.

“Looks like ‘Lucas’ is as much as a [bleep] in real life as he is in @bbceastenders very rude to @MissAlexjones on #TheOneShow tonight. She was right to leave it there,” said one.

Another added: “Is it me or was this evening’s One Show a complete car crash?”

“Tetchy Eastenders guy talking down to Alex. Bad form mate,” said another.

“Being rude to Alex is like kicking a puppy. And on her birthday too. Glad they chopped the rude bugger,” another added.

“How rude was that! ‘It’s not about shouting Alex, it’s the signal!’” said another.

“Well he’s a charmer isn’t he, telling Alex not to shout,” another One Show viewer commented.

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