how many nolan sisters are there?

The Nolan sisters: Marriage, divorce, fall-outs and tragic death as the group reunites after 43 years

The Nolan sisters' lives are like a well-loved soap opera

The Nolan sisters are gearing up for a comeback, but how many of them are they and where are they now?

The group are set to reunite for a second series of Nolans Go Cruising.

Nolans Go Cruising featured Anne, 70, Maureen, 67, Linda, 62, and Loose Women star Coleen, 56.

However, Denise, 69, was unable to join them. Bernie was tragically missed too, after dying aged 53 of cancer in 2013.

Linda Nolan and her sisters
Anne, Maureen, Linda and Denise have always been close (Credit: Quest Red)

Which Nolan sisters have got cancer?

The family have a long history of cancer.

In March 2020, Linda and Anne were both told they had cancer within days of each other.

Sadly, Linda’s cancer has since been diagnosed as incurable. It marks the third time she’s been hit by the disease. She has refused to be told by doctors what her prognosis is.

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Anne’s diagnosis marked the second time she has been forced to battle cancer.

However, chemotherapy has since meant that Anne has made a recovery.

At the time, Linda said: “Forget the Chemical Brothers, we’ve become the Chemo Sisters.”

Linda and Anne Nolan have both written a book about their cancer journeys (Credit: SplashNews)

What scandals have the Nolan sisters been involved in?

The sisters may appear close now, but it hasn’t always been the case.

Before Bernie’s death in 2013, Coleen and her sister Denise were locked in a feud.

Coleen said in her autobiography that Bernie’s passing seemed to make it worse.

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“When Bernie was ill Denise and I both did our best to come to an uneasy truce. But once Bernie had died the truce appeared to be over,” shared Coleen.

“I hoped we could move on but soon after, she wrote on her website that she doubts we can ever be friends and, sadly, that’s the truth.”

However, Coleen has also struggled with her relationships with her other sisters too.

“Relations started to get frosty between myself, Anne and Denise in 2006 when I was commuting up and down to London to do Loose Women,” she said.

“Anne offered to help Ray look after our daughter Ciara and they ended up having a row.”

Meanwhile, Anne Nolan first opened up about the abuse she received at the hands of her father, Tommy Nolan, in 2008.

She revealed that she had been sexually abused during her childhood.

Coleen also subsequently shared that she and her sisters were all “regularly” beaten by him.

“He was a bully and a drunk. I knew he’d made mum’s life hell and sexually abused Anne. His behaviour repulsed me,” said Coleen.

Coleen Nolan attending the funeral of her beloved sister Bernie (Credit: Splash)
Coleen Nolan attending the funeral of her beloved sister Bernie (Credit: SplashNews)

Which of the Nolan sisters have children?

Coleen Nolan has three children, singer Jack Roche, Shane Roche Jr and Ciara.

She is also a grandmother to Shane’s daughter, Amelia Rose.

She shares her kids with her ex-husband, Shane Richie.

The couple split in 1997 when she discovered he had been cheating.

He said in 2012: “I was lying so much that I couldn’t remember which story I’d told to each of them. And I’d lie to cover up the lies.”

TV presenter Coleen Nolan with her son, Shane Richie Jr (Credit: Splash)
TV presenter Coleen with her son, Shane Richie Jr (Credit: SplashNews)

Anne Nolan is mum to Amy, 39, and Alex, 32, and a grandmother to Alex’s children Vinny, 10, and Nevaeh, 5, and also to Amy’s son Ryder, 8. She shares her children with her ex-partner, Brian Wilson.

The late Bernie Nolan had a daughter named Kate who was tragically stillborn in 1998. In 1999, she gave birth to Erin, who was just 14 when her mum died.

Linda Nolan has confessed she never wanted kids. She tragically lost her husband Brian Hudson to skin cancer in 2007.

Denise Nolan has been with her partner Tom Anderson for decades, but the pair have never walked down the aisle.

“A few times I wanted to get married and he didn’t and vice versa,” she told Express. “My mum bought a hat three times.”

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