Piers Morgan's Life Stories with Coleen Nolan

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Coleen Nolan has viewers in tears as she reveals late mum’s last words

Dementia made the Loose Women presenter's mum 'aggressive'

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories concluded last night with an emotional episode featuring presenter Coleen Nolan.

During the final episode of the series on Thursday (March 18), the Loose Women star opened up about her sisters’ battles with cancer, their abusive father and losing their mum to Alzheimer’s.

Coleen Nolan revealed the last words her mum spoke before she died (Credit: ITV)

What did Coleen tell Piers about her mum on Life Stories?

Coleen opened up to Piers about the final days she spent at her mum’s bedside, and admitted she used to “dread” going to see her as the dementia had changed her.

And she revealed the last words her mum spoke before she died.

Piers said: “You mum, Maureen, suffered from Alzheimer’s for many years, towards the end of her life. Very difficult, she went into a home and became very aggressive with the care workers, which she’d never been with any of you.”

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Coleen explained: “No, she turned into this woman that was so hard to watch, and then the more she lost recognition of everything, she was just angry.”

On Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, Coleen revealed how Alzheimer’s turned her mum into a different person (Credit: ITV)

“Did she know who you were, by the end?” asked Piers.

Coleen said: “We used to go and visit her every single day and I used to dread it, I’ll be honest. And she hadn’t spoken to us, hadn’t recognised, but sometimes she had a glimmer.

“And I lay on the bed with her one time, and I just lay down on the bed and she just looked at me and opened her eyes and she went, ‘I love you’ and then she was gone again.

“It was like a… It was just a moment, the fact we were that close and she just said, ‘I love you’. I just said, ‘I love you too’, and that was the last time she spoke.”

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories viewers praised the episode on Twitter (Credit: ITV)

What did ITV viewers say about the episode?

On Twitter, viewers heaped praise on the “fabulous” interview and said it had them in “floods of tears”.

One wrote: “Just lovely. So sad, bless @NolanColeen, what a star. Loving #LifeStories.”

Watching Life Stories and in floods of tears. Coleen Nolan is so inspirational.

Another tweeted: “@piersmorgan, floods of tears aflow tonight. Thank you for showing such wonderful empathy to a wonderful, inspirational lady and her family. #TheNolans #LifeStories.”

A third tweeted: “@piersmorgan @NolanColeen omg this was a FABULOUS interview guys… Coleen is one of my fav people on the planet… I just adore her and always have since the height of the Nolans’ career. Interview was full of smiles and tears for me.”

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Someone else wrote: “Watching #LifeStories and in floods of tears. @NolanColeen is so inspirational and hearing her story is just incredible.”

“So emotional watching @NolanColeen on #LifeStories,” said a fifth with a crying emoji, adding: “Fab episode!”



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