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The Chase: Viewers frustrated as contestant forgets about his buzzer

Bradley Walsh had to remind the contestant

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The Chase viewers were frustrated last night when a contestant forgot the rules regarding the buzzer and had to be reminded by host Bradley Walsh.

During Wednesday (July 29) evening’s episode, hopefuls Paul and Annie made it to the final chase with an impressive pot of £15k to play for, against chaser Shaun Wallace.

But a couple of early hiccups on Paul’s part set them back.

The Chase
Paul, who was in the final with Annie, forgot how the buzzer works on The Chase (Credit: ITV)

What happened with the buzzer on The Chase?

Bradders asked them, for the second question in their run: “Who played Anna Scott in the film Notting Hill?”

Neither knew the answer, so Paul shook his head and sad: “Pass.”

But as viewers will know, contestants have to press their buzzer before either giving an answer or passing to the next question.

The Chase
The early mistakes with the buzzer set The Chase team back (Credit: ITV)

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Presenter Bradley stood looking at Paul awkwardly for a moment before telling him: “Press the buzzer…”

He buzzed and the next question was: “The Sea of Marmara lies in what country?”

The Chase
Bradley Walsh had to remind Paul to use his buzzer twice (Credit: ITV)

Paul answered with, “Turkey” but again failed to press the buzzer, causing Brad to have to remind him a second time.

Lesson one: actually press the buzzer.

Reacting on Twitter, frustrated viewers couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

One demanded, “Twice? He forgot to buzz twice? [bleeping] hell” and added in a separate tweet: “The only way that episode of #thechase could have been better would be if Bradley had stood the whole two minutes waiting for Paul to press his buzzer.”

Another said: “@ITVChase press the buzzer for god’s sake #TheChase.”

A third wrote: “Lesson one: actually press the buzzer #TheChase.”

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Someone else put: “Press the flipping Buzzer! Blimey, has Paul dozzed off during the break and forgotten how to play #TheChase?”

“Press the bloody buzzer Paul!” tweeted a fifth.

“An absolutely appalling performance by Paul on #TheChase tonight,” said a sixth. “I bet he’s not on Annie’s Christmas card list.”

Annie ‘could have reacted’

Not everyone thought Paul was completely to blame, though. Some pointed out that Annie could also have buzzed in to pass.

“Only thing I’d say in fairness to Paul is, Annie didn’t seem to notice he didn’t press his buzzer either,” one said, adding: “She could have reacted. #TheChase.”

“I mean, she isn’t happy but she could have pressed the buzzer and said pass herself,” said another. “But she stood there. #TheChase”

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