Shetland episode four

Shetland episode 4 preview: Explosive events unfold in DI Jimmy Perez drama on BBC One tonight!

It's an unmissable instalment of the popular Scottish series!

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Shetland viewers may well need a little lie down and a cup of tea after the explosive events that happen in episode four.

The latest episode, airing on Wednesday November 10 2021, sees Logan Creggan on the run and ends with a shocking revelation.

But do we find out who killed Alex Galbraith!?

Here’s a preview of what happens in Shetland episode four.

Logan Creggan and Nazir Nassan in Shetland episode four
Logan Creggan (Stephen Cole) and Nazir Nassan (Sharif Dorani) in Shetland episode four (Credit: BBC One)

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Shetland episode four preview – what happened at the end of episode three?

DI Jimmy Perez – played by Douglas Henshall – has his work cut out in Shetland episode four.

At the end of episode three, Logan Creggan went on the run after a “lynch mob” arrived at his house and threw petrol bombs.

The highly-charged incident led to a shoot out – and caused the tragic death of Logan’s son Fraser.

But did Logan accidentally kill his own son, or was it the unwelcome visitors?

Shetland – Logan Creggan

Shetland episode four on BBC One begins exactly where episode three ended.

After the shocking events of the previous night, DI Jimmy Perez and his team must desperately try to track down Logan Creggan.

The war veteran is armed and most definitely dangerous.

Viewers know – but Jimmy doesn’t yet – that Logan is suffering from terrifying flashbacks from his time in Iraq.

Following the death of his son, Logan is a revenge-seeking missile…

And in episode four, it’s clear that Alex Galbraith’s politician wife Eve is very much his target.

However, she denies any involvement in the attack on Logan’s house and appears to have an alibi.

When Eve calls a press conference, she becomes an easy and very visible target.

Logan isn’t far away, and he’s armed with a rifle.

Of course, all this leaves Logan the prime suspect for Alex Galbraith’s murder.

But did he really do it? And, if he didn’t, who the hell did?

Sandy in Shetland
Steven Robertson portrays DC Sandy Wilson in Shetland episode four (Credit: BBC One)

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Shetland episode four – what happens?

Meanwhile, Tosh visits Maurice Ross to find out why Galbraith was paying for his care – and we’re beginning to think this isn’t just an interesting side plot.

Could the disappearance of Maurice’s daughter many years before be the key to unlocking Alex Galbraith’s murder?

Also, at the religious retreat on Whalsay, Sister Carolyn receives a threatening postcard and quickly packs her bags.

She clearly knows more than she has told DI Jimmy Perez.

But who is threatening her, why is she scared of them, and will Jimmy find out the truth in time?

Of course he will!

Shetland – Donna Killick

Elsewhere in Shetland episode four, Duncan takes Donna Killick out for the first time since her release from prison.

But, understandably, not everyone is as willing as he is to give the convicted murderer a second chance.

Needless to say, the little outing does not end well.

Shetland episode four airs on Wednesday November 10 2021 at 9pm on BBC One.

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