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Shetland on BBC One: What is the background to the Donna Killick story?

The character, played by Fiona Bell, has recently been released from prison

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Shetland continues on BBC One this week, and the character of Donna Killick appears to be central to the drama – but what is the background to her story?

In episode one of the new sixth series, viewers saw local lawyer Alex Galbraith murdered in cold blood after representing Donna Killick.

So why is Donna such a hated character?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Donna Killick is dying in Shetland
Fiona Bell stars as Donna Killick in Shetland, but what’s her backstory? (Credit: BBC One)

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Who is Donna Killick in Shetland?

Donna Killick first appeared in series four of Shetland in 2018.

She was the head of an animal sanctuary and the mother of Alan Killick, who worked with her.

Her backstory revealed that her late husband Kevin was abusive to her.

Donna went on to have an affair with Duncan Hunter – the father of DI Jimmy Perez’s stepdaughter Cassie.

The character is played by Fiona Bell.

What is the Donna Killick story in Shetland?

Donna Killick is one of the most memorable villains that DI Jimmy Perez (Douglas Henshall) has ever faced.

This is mainly because she killed a local girl, and then let another man be blamed and jailed for more than 20 years!

Series four began with Thomas Malone being released from prison.

He served 23 years for the murder of Lizzie Kilmuir, despite having always protested his innocence.

Soon afterwards, journalist Sally McColl was found strangled to death and found in a kiln – a similar death to Lizzie all those years ago.

The coincidences didn’t stop there, though, as Sally was the girlfriend of Donna’s son Alan.

In another shocking twist, Alan was also revealed to be the illegitimate son of Duncan.

In the season’s final episode, Duncan was arrested after his DNA was found on the scarf used to kill Lizzie.

But later on, a photograph was found on Sally’s memory stick of Donna on the Unst ferry going through the trunk of her car, with the date being on the day after Lizzie’s disappearance.

DI Jimmy interrogated Donna, who subsequently admitted the truth – she had killed Lizzie.

Donna revealed she had snapped after Lizzie threatened to tell Kevin about her affair with Duncan.

Donna and Duncan in Shetland
Donna Killick pleads with Duncan Hunter to let her see their son in Shetland (Credit: BBC One)

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Shetland Donna Killick cancer

Now Donna Killick is back in Shetland after being released from jail.

The murderer is suffering from cancer and has just weeks to live.

It goes without saying that her return to the town has caused an uproar – not least with Lizzie’s sister Kate.

But was Alex Galbraith murdered because of his part in Donna’s release?

Or is this just an intriguing side plot to distract us!?

Either way, we’re loving series six of Shetland on BBC One so far!

Shetland continues on Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC One.

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