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Russell Watson ‘ruins’ The Masked Singer as he ‘unmasks’ Traffic Cone

Interesting guess...

Fans of The Masked Singer were left fuming today as the identity of Traffic Cone was seemingly revealed.

Russell Watson appeared on Good Morning Britain today (Wednesday, January 19) and said he was convinced he knows who is behind the mask.

And the reason he knows is because the voice behind Traffic Cone is one of his very good friends.

However, fans of the ITV series aren’t entirely convinced Russell isn’t double bluffing…

the masked singer traffic cone
Russell believes he knows who’s behind the mask (Credit: ITV)

The Masked Singer: Russell Watson ‘unmasks’ Traffic Cone

Former I’m A Celebrity star Russell appeared on GMB today to discuss his new role in the Irish tour of Chicago.

However, his conversation with Susanna Reid and Adil Ray soon veered away to another musical show – The Masked Singer.

Some fans of the show believe it to be Russell who’s underneath Traffic Cone’s costume.

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As a result, Adil took the opportunity to quiz Russell on the rumours during the interview with the singer.

“I know who that is,” Russell said of Traffic Cone.

“The strange thing is, I didn’t know who it was when I saw the first performance, I had no idea who it was. Then I heard the second performance and I know who it is. I’m absolutely certain.

“He’s not admitted it, he’s not mentioned it at all, but I’m convinced that is my mate Aled Jones,” he said.

russell watson gmb jan 19
Russell is convinced that Traffic Cone is Aled Jones (Credit: ITV)

What else did Russell Watson say?

Adil and Susanna were surprised at Russell’s guess that it was Aled Jones behind the mask.

“It’s very deep for Aled Jones,” Adil said. “Come on, Russell, that’s a distraction, come on!”

But Russell was adamant, citing Traffic Cone’s rendition of When She Loved Me from Toy Story 2 as proof it was Aled.

“I can hear certain elements,” he said. “I’ve worked with him for years as well, I’ve known the guy for 21 years.

“We’ve done a couple of tours and released a couple of albums – it’s Aled Jones,” he said with conviction.

Adil and Susanna then joked that Russell had a great poker face, causing the singer to laugh.

russell watson gmb masked singer
Russell Watson was praised for his “poker face” on GMB by the hosts (Credit: ITV)

How did fans react?

One fan believed that Russell’s guess of Aled Jones was so convincing that he’d in fact ruined the surprise!

“Ruiner! Think he might be right. Can’t wait till Saturday so I can ‘guess’ Aled Jones in front of everyone,” one fan tweeted.

“I thought it was Aled Jones too,” another fan said, agreeing with Russell.

“Traffic Cone is 150% Aled Jones! The way some of the words were pronounced on Saturday was the give away!” another wrote.

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Traffic Cone’s identity was apparently revealed over the weekend, with comedian Rob Beckett claiming to be under the mask.

He “accidentally” tweeted the reveal in a hilarious Twitter prank.

“Just send this out once I’ve been unmasked,” he wrote. “Thanks for all the support being the Traffic Cone I absolutely loved it. Great show. The kids couldn’t believe it was me.”

Fans weren’t convinced though, with many immediately dismissing the comedian’s tweet as a joke.

The Masked Singer returns Saturday, January 22, at 7.30 pm on ITV and ITV Hub.

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