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Return to Dunblane: Lorraine Kelly silences critics as she’s praised for ITV documentary

It was 'professional', 'respectful' and 'very personal'

Lorraine Kelly last night (March 11) silenced her critics with her powerful Return to Dunblane documentary.

The one-off ITV documentary marked the 25th anniversary of the tragedy that killed 16 children and their teacher.

Lorraine presented on the tragedy at the time and, during last night’s show, she was seen returning to the small Scottish town.

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Lorraine Kelly was praised for her heartbreaking Return to Dunblane documentary (Credit: ITV)

What happened in Dunblane?

The Dunblane massacre took place on March 13 1996 when Thomas Hamilton, 43, carried out the deadliest mass shooting in British history.

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Sixteen schoolchildren – all aged five or six – were shot dead when he opened fire on their class.

Their teacher Gwen Mayor also died during the tragedy at Dunblane Primary School.

He killed 17 people before killing himself with one of his four legally-held handguns.

kids who died at Dunblane
Teacher Gwyn Mayor and 16 of her pupils died during the massacre (Credit: ITV)

What was last night’s Lorraine Kelly Dunblane documentary about?

In Lorraine’s Return to Dunblane documentary, she went back to the small Scottish town, where she forged close relationships with residents.

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She met the parents of the murdered children and looked at the spirit of the town, which showed remarkable resilience following the tragedy.

Lorraine also explained how Dunblane residents helped the families of victims of American school massacres.

grave stone at dunblane
The children were all aged either five or six (CredIt: ITV)

Return to Dunblane: What did Lorraine Kelly fans say about the show?

Ahead of the show, some social media users questioned Lorraine’s involvement in the show.

However, after it aired, they were entirely unanimous that Lorraine was the perfect presenter to host the show.

Her critics were silenced as she presented a “respectful, professional and very personal” reflection on the tragedy.

“Lorraine Kelly did a brilliant job. Respectful, professional and very personal,” said one viewer.

“The warmth and genuine character of @lorraine shone through on her remembrance of the Dunblane documentary last night. I just wanted to hug her,” said another.

“Thank you Lorraine – a fitting tribute to all those little children and their teacher,” said a third.

The warmth and genuine character of @lorraine shone through on her remembrance of the Dunblane documentary last night. I just wanted to hug her.

“You were a star, presenting at its best – sympathetic, humble, listening, supporting and most of all you care about the parents and the poor children who are no longer here.

“I cried last night and I’m crying again,” said another.

“That was a hard, sobering watch Lorraine. Thank you for your sensitivity and composure. It can’t have been easy,” another tweeted the star.

“It was beautifully done Lorraine,” another commented.

“Lorraine. Thanks so much for Return to Dunblane. I could feel your sincerity as you walked through the town,” said another.

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