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Piers Morgan ticked off by Arlene Phillips for treatment of Susanna Reid on GMB

Piers Morgan stunned viewers by speaking over his co-host Susanna Reid.

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Viewers were left aghast by Piers Morgan on Tuesday’s GMB.

The polarising star, 55, cut off Susanna Reid, 49, as she attempted to read a statement from the government.

Many viewers accused Piers of being bullying as he spoke over his co-host.

And former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips has now waded into the incident.

The choreographer, 77, publicly denounced Piers’ behaviour via Twitter.

piers morgan arlene phillips
Piers Morgan defended his actions on GMB to Arlene Phillips (Image credit: SplashNews.com)

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She tweeted: “Whoa @piersmorgan on @GMB today. Yes, you are right to challenge the government the way you have and I support that but please do not ever shout down your brilliant other half @susannareid100.”


However, Piers didn’t respond well to her words. Instead of apologising he adamantly defended his actions.

He replied: “We were told to read out a Govt statement. But why should we when the Govt is boycotting us? I was registering my protest.”

Many of Arlene’s fans agreed with her stance on the social media platform.

One user responded to her choice words with: “Was awful and uncomfortable to watch him talk over her the way he did.”

A second user agreed with: “Dreadful behaviour. So disrespectful to @susannareid100.”

susanna reid piers morgan
Susanna Reid appeared exasperated as Piers Morgan spoke over her (Image credit: ITV)

And a third user tweeted: “Thank you @arlenephillips. He was totally out of control so rude! And yes @piersmorgan I did want to hear the statement.”

A fourth viewer commented: “It was disgusting how he spoke to @susannareid100.

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“He must apologise on air for his behaviour. He needs to remember it’s not his show, he gets paid to give out the news.

“It was disgusting”

“He works with a team and should respect them.”

The debacle occurred when Susanna attempted to read a government statement in response to Piers’ criticism of its handling of student nurses.

However, Susanna barely got a word in as Piers continually spoke over her.

Furious that Government ministers had refused to appear on the show for weeks now, he lashed out.

He asked: “Sorry, why have we got to read this?”

Piers Morgan stands by his actions towards Susanna Reid (Image credit: ITV)

“If a government won’t come on our programme, why should we read their wishy-washy statement? If they want to have their statement read then come on the programme.”

Susanna repeatedly asked if she could read the piece.

She asked: “Well, can I read the statement?”

But Piers refused, and even covered his ears in defiance.

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