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Piers Morgan comes for ‘irrelevant has-been’ Carol McGiffin after she called him ‘hypocritical monster’

The former GMB star isn't exactly the ITV panellist's biggest fan

Piers Morgan has hit back at Carol McGiffin in a savage tweet.

Loose Women star Carol has never been the biggest fan of former GMB presenter Piers.

The feeling has been mutual, with Piers having blocked her on Twitter previously.

In her latest Best magazine column, Carol says she is disgusted with the way Piers “demonises” those who disagree with him.

carol mcgiffin lockdown
Carol McGiffen isn’t a fan of Piers (Credit: ITV)

Carol McGiffin ignites Piers Morgan feud

“This hypocritical monster continues to preach, smear, defame, demonise, insult everyone who doesn’t agree with him or do as he says, while he continues to do as he pleases.

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“I hope he keeps it up because judging by the feedback he’s getting in comments and on social media, the more he lectures, the more people fight against it all.”

“He’s got a book out about free speech,” added Carol. “The blurb on it is basically saying people can’t debate anymore and they just shut people down.”

Piers spotted that Carol had been talking about her and took to Twitter to share his feelings.

And, as a result, let’s just say, he didn’t exactly mince his words.

Piers hit back: “I don’t have feuds with irrelevant has-beens,” and added a series of laughing emojis.

Piers Morgan reveals brutal rejection from pal Holly Willoughby
Piers has been feuding a lot on Twitter lately (Credit: SplashNews)

However, Carol isn’t the first star Piers has been battling with.

He has already locked horns with David Walliams.

Piers spotted that David had been liking negative tweets about him, and decided to hit out on Twitter.

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“Always fascinating to see high-profile people that I know quite well ‘liking’ nasty tweets about me, presumably thinking they can do it on the sly and I won’t notice,” Piers said.

“I always notice, and file away for a rainy day.”

“David Walliams is a prime culprit,” Piers added. “The absolute worst.”

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