BBC’s Normal People returning for two specials after record-breaking first series

We can't wait!

Normal People is set to return to screens following the unexpected breakout success of the BBC drama.

The hit show, an adaptation of Sally Rooney’s novel, follows the relationship between young lovers, Marianne and Connell.

A whopping 23 million people streamed the series, making it the most-viewed show on BBC Player ever and obliterating all previous records.

Normal People has been a breakout success (Credit: BBC)

In the wake of the success, two new specials will air this Friday (June 26) on RTÉ Does Comic Relief in Ireland.

The charity’s co-founder Richard Curtis confirmed the news today.

He told Radio 1: “There’s a beautiful piece called Normal Older People, which is imagining what would have happened to Marianne and Connell 40 years from now.

“I promise you, these are two very special bits. It’s so much better than anything we’ve ever made.

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He continued: “I mean I can’t even say all about it because there’s a guest star in it. But it’s really, it’s really beautiful.

“One of the things about Comic Relief is it just gives opportunities for things to happen that would never happen.

“I can’t imagine any context in which they would have allowed this little sort of extra-special into the world of Normal People.”

The show’s sex scenes have divided viewers (Credit: BBC)


The beloved series made history in Ireland when it aired.

It became the first show to air there that featured full-frontal male nudity, and the sex scenes have certainly divided viewers.

Bishop Michael Cox said: “Showing a grown man fully naked on TV? It would offend any right-minded human being.”

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However, others felt a little differently about the show’s portrayal of sex.

“I’m so glad everyone is raving about #normalpeople. It’s so refreshing to see sex portrayed in a gentle, awkward way of young love,” tweeted one fan.

Another agreed, making the point that people protest more about sex than they do about violence on TV.

She said: “It’s mad that people have a problem with sex on the TV in #NormalPeople but not gun violence or I dunno, murder?”

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