Nicola Sturgeon puts Piers Morgan in his place during GMB interview

She insisted Scotland is standing by the original "Stay At Home" message

Nicola Sturgeon clashed with Piers Morgan as she appeared on Good Morning Britain today.

The First Minister of Scotland discussed Boris Johnson’s new lockdown guidelines for the people of England.

Ms Sturgeon said Scotland will not be adopting the UK Government’s new “Stay Alert” slogan and will keep it as “Stay At Home”.

Nicola Sturgeon on GMB
Nicola Sturgeon hit back at Piers Morgan on GMB (Credit: ITV)

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Last night (May 10), Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the nation to explain the first steps in their plans to reopen society after almost two months of lockdown.

He’s taken decisions that he thinks are right for England.

He has encouraged people who work in construction and manufacturing to go back to their jobs – but to avoid public transport.

He also said we now have unlimited exercise and we’re allowed to sit in parks as long as people remain socially distant.

What has Piers said?

Piers said: “Last night we were told you can meet one non-household member if you’re in a park or garden.

“Dominic Raab has said you can meet your mum and dad at the same time if they’re two metres apart.

“You say you’re not going to allow that in Scotland because that will put people’s lives at risk. It’s so serious!”

Piers asked Ms Sturgeon on her thoughts on Boris Johnson’s new slogan (Credit: ITV)

Ms Sturgeon hit back: “You don’t have to tell me how serious it is.

“That is why I’m trying to give clear advice to people in Scotland,” as Piers started interrupting.

Ms Sturgeon told him: “Piers, I would ask you to listen to me here okay and perhaps not interrupt me for the next few seconds.

“Boris Johnson is making decisions based on the evidence and the data he’s seen, that is his right.”

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Meanwhile, when asked about the guidelines, Ms Sturgeon said: “If I did have a mild criticism of him, it was that he didn’t make it sufficiently clear that his messages on lifting lockdown were for England.”

Piers hits back

Piers said: “He didn’t say that at all.

“Let’s be quite clear First Minister, he didn’t mention England, he was talking as the UK Prime Minister.”

However, Ms Sturgeon hit back: “You’re having a go at me here.”

Piers replied: “No, I’m not. I’m not having a go at you. I’m not disagreeing with what you’re saying.

Ms Sturgeon told Piers to stop interrupting her (Credit: ITV)

“What I’m saying is, it should be for the First Minister of Scotland to have to explain to people after a national address by the UK Prime Minister, that his advice only applies to England.”

Ms Sturgeon said: “I agree with you but I have a duty and the reason I am on here this morning is I want to take every opportunity I can to get my message across to the people of Scotland.

“My responsibility is to do what is right for Scotland. I’ve been very clear. I think ‘Stay Alert’ is very vague compared to ‘Stay At Home’.”

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