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Nescafe Azera commercial: Is this the most annoying advert on TV right now?

It has stiff competition, TBF

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TV commercials – we either love them or love to hate them. And this Nescafe Azera advert falls into the second camp!

Apparently aimed at the millennial market, it certainly grinds some other people’s gears.

The Nescafe Azera advert winds some people up (Credit: Nescafe Azera/YouTube)

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The ad sees a young man with floaty hair crack open a tin of coffee in an empty launderette.

The musically-minded lad is so inspired by the noise of clothing items as they go round the washing machine drum, he picks up his guitar and starts riffing.

Neighbours above hear the commotion and, rather than scream at him to tone down the noise, they decide to go join the ‘jam’.

Before long, there’s a throng of people in the launderette, revelling together in blissful harmony like they’re old friends.

Seriously, can’t people even wash their smalls in peace and quiet these days?

Nescafe Azera (YouTube)
Great coffee, shame about the ad? (Credit: Nescafe Azera/YouTube)

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What are viewers saying about the Nescafe Azera advert?

One TV viewer has come up with an interesting alternate ad, where they are all thrown out of the launderette for making too much noise.

He wrote on Twitter: “Can we have a version of the coffee laundrette advert where they get chucked out for being too loud?”

Another posted: “Frigging hate those people in the ad who go to the launderette for a wild afternoon out. Total rage inducing.”

A third commented: “The Azera ad must be doing wonders for sales of domestic washing machines and tumble dryers. Anything to avoid that crowd of gurning loons at the launderette.”

Frigging hate those people in the ad who go to the launderette for a wild afternoon out.

Yet another remarked: “I don’t know, man. Maybe we’d all feel a little better if we sat with a few people and drank …talked about whatever….talked about nothing.

“Maybe one has an acoustic guitar and can sing us a song. Maybe it’s ok to be unsure. Maybe I’m just weird!”

It may be irritating but the ad has got us all talking about it, so job done!

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