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Martin and Roman Kemp’s new Volkswagen advert branded ‘cringeworthy’

The three-and-a-half minute ad premiered last night

Viewers are resoundingly unimpressed by Martin and Roman Kemp’s new advert for Volkswagen.

Fans who saw the advert for the first time last night have questioned it on Twitter.

Martin Kemp
The father/son duo appeared in the new VW Golf ad (Credit: Twitter/Volkswagen)

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The three-and-a-half minute advert took up the whole break during Alan Carr’s Epic Game Show last night as they watched the father and son duo have a 100 percent natural and well-acted conversation.

In the ad, which was placed in the break of , we see them journey through some of ITV’s most beloved shows.

They visited the famous cobbles of Coronation Street, had an unexpected encounter with Chloe Sims on TOWIE’s famous Brentwood High Street and took a detour through the jungle.

Roman Kemp was driving dad Martin around (Credit: Twitter/Volkswagen)

What did people think?

Viewers were that disgruntled that one person said it was an ‘acheivement’ to make such a bad advert.

Another said they hadn’t thought 2020 could get any worse!

Keeping busy

The pair have been doing the rounds on TV, even during lockdwon. They also appeared on Gogglebox the night before, with the first episode of the second series of the Celebrity version of the show.

While watching Gary Barlow as part of the lockdown Take That reunion concert, Roman did an absolutely uncanny impression of the singer.

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Take That had joined forces for fans, with Gary giving an emphatic performance as he and the band virtually reunited via video call.

While they watched, Roman had to say something, joking: “Look at him jazzing out, there’s no one there, Gary.”

Celebrity Gogglebox
The pair redeemed themselves with their hilarious Gogglebox double-act. (Credit: Channel 4)

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He added: “I can’t watch Gary Barlow.”

“Why not?” his dad asked. Roman then did an absolutely spot on impression of Gary, which of course, went down a treat on Twitter.

One commented: “Roman Kemp’s impression of Gary Barlow is great.”

Another said: “I can’t get over Roman Kemp’s impression of Gary Barlow.”

Maybe they redeemed themselves after that awful advert.

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