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Viewers left cringing over Tampax advert

The slogan isn't appealing

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The Tampax campaign, launched in May 2020, called ‘Tampons and Tea’ has left viewers cringing.

The ad was shown several times on ITV daytime during both This Morning and Loose Women on Friday (June, 26).

What happens in the advert?

It features a talk-show set-up with a presenter saying: “Tell me, how many of you ever feel your tampon?”

Tampax advert YouTube
The advert features a talk show set up (Credit: YouTube)

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The guest on the sofa puts up her hand as the host tells her: “You shouldn’t. It might mean your tampon isn’t in far enough. You’ve gotta get ’em up there girls!”

The ad continues with an explanation as to how to properly insert your tampon. And the slogan says: “Not just the tip, up to the grip!”

The presenter ends the advert by repeating: “So get ’em up there girls!”

The advert hasn’t won many fans (Credit: YouTube)

What did viewers say?

Viewers watching at home did not warm to it.

During Loose Women today one wrote: “That bloody tampax advert!! ‘Get em up there girls!!'”

Another added: “That Tampax advert has ruined my day.”

“Did you see the latest ad campaign from Tampax? I was shocked – in a good way, I think – to hear “Get them up there girls!” as a catchphrase. Terrible production values though,” said one more.

A fourth added that it was the “first time I’ve seen that Tampax advert,” with a bewildered face emoji.

You’ve gotta get ’em up there, girls (Credit: YouTube)

“The bloody Tampax advert has been on again!!! Three times in the last three advert breaks,” raged one more.

Another complained: “I know that there’s no shame in mesntruation but every time I’m with my mum and we have to watch that ‘get em up there girls!’ Tampax advert in awkward silence… I lose six weeks off my life.”

“Wtf is this horrendous advert for Tampax ‘Get em up their girls!” Like really?!? So cringe and not needed,” shared someone else.

There were some who thought it was a good message…

“I love the new tampax advert, ‘gotta get it up there girls!!’,” said one.

Another added: “The tampax advert kills me every time ‘get em up there girls’.”

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