Microsoft Teams advert

Brits slam ‘insufferable’ Microsoft Teams advert

They claim it's on too much

Brits appear to be sick to death of seeing the advert for Microsoft Teams, claiming it’s on TV ‘every 15 minutes’ and is ‘making lockdown 100 per cent worse’.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the world has never had more of a need for video call and conferencing platforms, whether it’s for work or for the weekly family quiz.

Microsoft’s offering, Teams, is among the more widely used of the options available.

Microsoft Teams advert
A number of telly fans have said they hate the Microsoft Teams advert (Credit: Microsoft)

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And the company is running regular TV ads to attract even more users to the platform.

What don’t people like about it?

But now, people are calling for Teams’ “annoying” and “insufferable” advert to be scrapped.

One viewer said: “The most annoying advert on TV at the moment is the Microsoft Teams advert. On too much.”

Microsoft Teams advert
Brits claim its on too much (Credit: Microsoft)

A second ranted: “@Microsoft I am so [bleeping] sick of that cheesy Teams advert. Please stop.”

Another tweeted, with an angry face emoji: “Sick to death of that sodding Microsoft teams advert.”

“I’m going to start a GoFundMe page to pay every TV channel to stop playing that boody Microsoft Teams advert,” insisted a fourth, adding: “Who’s with me?”

“Does anyone hate the Microsoft Teams advert?” one asked. “Because I see it 1,000 times a day and I wanna scream it’s so annoying.”


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A sixth said: “The thing I’m looking forward to most at the end of this pandemic is never having to see that Microsoft Teams advert ever again.”

“The Microsoft Teams advert is making lockdown 100 per cent worse. Have a day off with it,” pleaded another viewer.

Claims it’s on far too much

Someone else tweeted directly to Microsoft founder Bill Gates, asking for, at the least, another version of the ad to mix things up.

Others called it “insufferable”, while others said it made them want to “throw something at the screen”. Some complained it’s on “every 15 minutes”.

ED! contacted Microsoft for comment.

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