Married At First Sight David and Shareen

Married At First Sight: Viewers offer to marry David after he splits with Shareen

The couple struggled to find common ground on the Channel 4 show

Married At First Sight viewers are offering to marry David after seeing his relationship with Shareen crumble.

The Channel 4 reality TV series concluded last night (Tuesday, October 27) and viewers got to see David and Shareen talk through their brief marriage – and what went wrong.

Married At First Sight concluded last night (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened at the end of Married At First Sight?

The experts stuck by their guns and insisted the pair were a good match, despite failing to find chemistry.

David said: “For all the things we had in common, we rarely talked about them.”

David felt gutted that his relationship with Shareen didn’t work out (Credit: Channel 4)

Asked if we would like to remain married, David explained: “No, I’d love to be saying something different, but we go back to the honeymoon every time we meet. How can I keep chasing you when you were that disappointed?”

During their first trip away together, Shareen caused a stir with her reaction to a survival bag that David gifted to her.

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It contained a number of things she might need to get out of a dangerous situation, including a special pen designed to smash windows.

In that episode, she admitted it freaked her out, although many viewers took David’s side and claimed Shareen was overreacting.

The experts asked her if she would like to stay married and she told them simply, “No”.

She’s obsessed with him being a planner. Prepping a bag. FFS David I’ll marry you.

And the bag remained a huge sticking point for her, as it inevitably came up again.

She told the matchmakers: “When David’s giving me this [bag] as a gift and saying ‘when’ – ‘This is for you when you have an accident and need to break a window’…”

But one of the experts told her: “You checked out on day two… that connection was never going to build!”

The experts on Married At First Sight insisted the couple were a good match (Credit: Channel 4)

They also said: “If someone’s bringing something to the table and wanting to engage with you, but it’s like, ‘nope it’s my way or no way’…”

However, Shareen refused to be drawn into a debate on the subject, as she said bluntly she was “not going to go there”.

Shareen continued to take issue with David’s survival prep bag (Credit: Channel 4)

What did viewers say about David and Shareen?

On Twitter, a number of Channel 4 viewers told David he had effectively dodged a bullet by not remaining married to Shareen, who they thought had set her standards unrealistically high.

One said: “Christ, David dodged a bullet there with Shareen, what a pain in the [bleep] she was, obsessed with a bag from the off. Good luck David, you deserve way better anyway.”

A second tweeted: “David, you had a lucky escape mate.”

A third echoed that, writing: “What a lucky escape you had David.”

“Congratulations David,” said another, adding: “Proper dodged a bullet there! As for Shereen… no comment. #MarriedAtFirstSight.”

Channel 4 viewers offer to marry David

Others even offered to marry David themselves.

“#MarriedAtFirstSight oh David I’ll marry ya hun,” said one.

Another wrote: “She’s obsessed with him being a planner. Prepping a bag. FFS David I’ll marry you. #MarriedAtFirstSight.”

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Someone else said, using a heart-eyes emoji: “#MarriedAtFirstSight David if you’re reading this, I’ll marry you.”

“I’ll marry David,” said one viewer, adding angrily: “[Bleep] Shareen. What a [bleep]. #MarriedAtFirstSight.”

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