Michelle and Owen get Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight episode three: Covid-19 puts strain on couples

One MAFS couple move in together and has to lockdown almost immediately...

Married at First Sight continues tonight ( Tuesday October 20 2020) and it’s far from plain sailing for the two couples.

After eventful honeymoons, the MAFS pairs are ready to take the next step of their married lives by moving in together.

But nobody could have predicted what happens next…

***Warning: spoilers from episode three ahead***

Michelle moves in with Owen on Married at First Sight on C4
Michelle moves in with Owen on Married at First Sight (Credit: C4)

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Here’s what happens in episode three of C4’s Married at First Sight…

What happens in episode three of MAFS?

The newly-weds prepare to move in together, but the Covid-19 pandemic hits Britain.

Owen and Michelle’s lockdown love-in leads to a dilemma.

David and Shareen enjoy a romantic getaway, but is it enough to save their marriage?

Do the couples move in together?

The Covid-19 pandemic sets in just as the couples prepare to move in together.

This puts an unprecedented additional strain on their fledgling relationships.

Owen moves to Brighton to be with Michelle, which is where she teaches.

One day after the move, however, the government announces lockdown measures – forcing the couple to isolate together.

Due to their rocky honeymoon, Shareen and David do not move in together and choose to isolate separately.

Married at First Sight series 5 episode 3
Shareen and David struggle to find common ground on Married at First Sight (Credit: C4)

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Are Owen and Michelle in love?

Owen and Michelle drop the L-Bomb while self-isolating together in Horsham.

Despite Owen being a neat-freak, and Michelle being messier, the pair seem to get on famously.

But is it one-sided?

Owen upsets Michelle during a meal together when he questions if they are only getting along so well because of lockdown and being forced together.

However, as measures ease, Owen and Michelle face a heartbreaking dilemma as they are forced to part and return to their own homes and work.

Michelle returns to Hastings, and Owen drives up to Sheffield.

She says: “Real life is kicking in, and I don’t know how our relationship will cope with that.”

Does Michelle’s family approve of Owen?

Michelle tells her sister she plans to move to Sheffield to be with Owen.

She’s shocked by her sister’s reaction, who blames Owen for taking Michelle away from her.

When Owen and Michelle meet up in Hastings to discuss where they should live, Owen seems intent on staying in Sheffield.

People-pleaser Michelle must decide if she’s willing to make all the compromises.

Do David and Shareen live together?

During lockdown, David and Shareen struggle to find common ground as they continue their marriage virtually.

She says: “He is an amazing, kind and loving man. But I didn’t think I would be matched with someone so different to me.

“He doesn’t believe in Reiki or my spitiuality. I live in the moment, but he lives in fear of something bad happening.

“We look at the world in a completely different way.”

Shareen is so unsure, she removes her wedding ring, saying: “Legally I am David’s wife. But emotionally, instinctually, intellectually and sexually, I am not David’s wife.

“For that reason my ring is coming off.”

Shareen Married at First Sight
Shareen was all smiles before her wedding on Married at First Sight (Credit: C4)

Are David and Shareen still together at the end of episode three?

After three months apart during lockdown, the pair plan a ‘second honeymoon’ of sorts.

They come together to enjoy what is supposed to be a romantic glamping getaway in Herefordshire – but they seem unable to communicate.

Shareen is “still struggling to understand David” and seems very keen to keep two metres away from him!

At the end of episode three, Shareen is in tears because David is “so closed”.

She takes her wedding ring off, telling the camera she’s not supposed to be wearing it.

What happens in episode four?

After four months as husband and wife, Owen and Michelle face a make-or-break decision, as they deal with living 250 miles apart.

David and Shareen grapple with finding common ground.

At the end of episode four, the two couples must decide whether to remain married.

Married at First Sight episode three airs on C4 at 9.15pm on Tuesday October 20 2020.

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