Married At First Sight: Shareen defends her rejection of David

The Channel 4 star says she knew from the get-go it wasn't going to work

Married At First Sight star Shareen has made a shocking confession about her marriage to David.

The divorcee and events manager walked down the aisle in the Channel 4 series after experts found they were a perfect match, claiming David was essentially “Shareen with a penis”.

However, it turns out the experts got this one very, very wrong.

Moments before the wedding, Shareen thought there would be an “instant” connection.

Sadly, it turns out the only thing instant about their connection was her realisation that he wasn’t The One.

Married At First Sight David Shareen
Shareen confessed that she knew almost instantly it wouldn’t work with David (Credit: Channel 4)

What did Shareen say about David on Married at First Sight?

Reflecting on her failed marriage during a face-to-face chat with the show’s psychologist, Shareen claimed she was unhappy that they had paired her with someone she felt she had nothing in common with.

Things took a turn for the worse during the honeymoon when an emotional confrontation led to tears, according to The Sun.

In last week’s episode, Shareen told David that he wasn’t trying to open up to her and berated him for a lack of “meaningful” conversations.

However, she made a particular mention of David’s bizarre habit of prepping for worst case scenarios in life.

“The whole prepping a bag thing in case something bad happens – I feel nothing for that kind of world or that kind of mindset,” she said.

Shareen went on to confess that she knew within just 24 hours that her marriage to David wasn’t going to last, despite not revealing this until after they eventually split.

“On day two I knew where my mind was at. I knew this wasn’t the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with,” she told The Sun. “I just wasn’t willing to go there.”

She added: “I live for the now. I’m in the present and he lives in fear of the future and past.”

Shareen Married at First Sight
Shareen had hoped there would be an ‘instant connection’ (Credit: Channel 4)

What was the fuss about David’s bag for Shareen?

During the couple’s honeymoon, David baffled viewers when he brought her an EDC bag.

He explained: “An EDC bag is, if you are a prepper, a bag you’re meant to have with you… it will get you through most minor emergencies.”

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Shareen didn’t like the gesture at all, as she told David: “I’m looking at this and I’m genuinely struggling to breathe… that’s your everyday bag and that concerns me slightly.”

Later, she said: “My hands were sweating… ‘Oh my gosh, what have I done?’ This isn’t normally the mindset of a man I would continue choosing to date.”

Married At First Sight David Shareen bag
David’s preparation bags didn’t go down well with Shareen (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened to David from Married at First Sight?

David had a terrifying ordeal in 2018 that saw him fight off five burglars from raiding his home.

He claimed to have battled off the men by using his martial arts training when they awoke him at 3am.

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In an interview with Birmingham Mail last week, David said that the incident led to creating his EDC bags to help calm his fears.

“Shareen has been very blessed in that she’s never had any real disasters or calamities in her life,” he told Birmingham Mail.

“But that’s not true for me,” added the reality star. “Experiences have taught me to always be prepared for the worst.”

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