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Maisie Adam on The Last Leg: The comedian’s haircut the source of much derision!

She's just hilarious!

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Maisie Adam is on The Last Leg line-up in its second episode of its new 2021 series.

The hilarious comedian, 26, has broken into mainstream telly as a narrator and comic.

But just who is she exactly? When did she start doing comedy? And what was all the fuss about her haircut?

Read on to find out more…

Where is Maisie Adam from?

Maisie grew up in Pannal, North Yorkshire, and has retained her Northern accent.

She loved performing and acting from a young age, and earned a BA in Acting & Community Theatre in 2016.

maisie adam on bbc three
Maisie is an accomplished comedian originally from Yorkshire (Credit: BBC)

How did Maisie Adam get into comedy?

Maisie tried stand-up comedy while working as a temp after university.

While moving back in with her parents in Yorkshire, she started to work the local comedy circuit.

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And in 2017 she won the national contest So You Think You’re Funny at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Earning an agent after her big win, she went on to tour the UK and then Europe from 2019-2020.

This has led to several comedy spots on television shows and regularly appearing on television shows as a comedic panelist.

maisie adam on itv
Maisie is a regular on panelist television shows (Credit: ITV)

What has Maisie Adam said about her health?

Maisie was diagnosed with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy aged 14.

Speaking to Epilepsy Action, she said getting diagnosed as a teen was tough.

She didn’t want to be limited by the condition and said that her friends struggled to fully understand it.

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After years of being guarded about having epilepsy, she now openly discusses it as part of her comedic routine.

Maisie told the charity: “I honestly think it’s helped me be a bit more open with my own epilepsy.

“I would just like the show to help people understand that epilepsy is not one thing. It’s got lots of variations and forms and presents itself to different people in different ways.”

Maisie Smith on Comedy Central
Maisie during a roast battle on Comedy Central UK (Credit: Comedy Central)

Why did Maisie Adam get so much attention for her 2020 haircut?

Maisie went for a rather unusual haircut choice in 2020. She debuted her new look during an October episode of Mock The Week last year.

She admitted that her haircut got absolutely ‘roasted’ by the panelists and she received some Twitter trolling afterwards.

However, she also said she received many nice messages regarding her hairdo.

Taking to Twitter herself, she tweeted at the time: “Thanks for all the nice comments about last night’s Mock.

“Also big up to all you lovely lot who’ve said nice things about me hair today after some wazzocks got a***ey about it. Here it is in all its glory; get used to it as it’s on your screens next week too. #NewProfilePic.”

maisie adam haircut 2020
Maisie’s haircut is – different! (Credit: BBC)

Is Maisie Adam on The Cabins?

Maisie is the narrator on The Cabins a new dating reality show on ITV2.

It has been dubbed the ‘Winter Love Island’ and Maisie is there to deliver witty observations and narration.

She said of landing the coveted role: “I can’t wait to spill all the juice from life inside The Cabins.

“After spending most of the year staying inside, this is going to be both strangely relatable for everyone yet also absolutely wild as first dates go.

“Besides, I ran out of things to say to my housemates back in May…

“So it’s been nice to gossip about this lot in a room on my own!”

How to watch The Last Leg with Maisie Adam

Maisie is on the Friday January 22 episode of The Last Leg at 10pm.

The episode will be available to stream on All 4 shortly after.

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