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Love Island: Funniest memes of Hugo and Chloe as he’s ‘friend-zoned’ by her

Hugo asked Chloe where their relationship stood

Love Island star Hugo Hammond was ‘friend-zoned’ by Chloe last night as he cleared up where they stood with each other.

Hugo chose to couple up with Chloe on Thursday night after Toby Aromolaran recoupled with new girl Abigail Rawlings.

Hugo lashed out at Toby during his recoupling speech, saying he thought Chloe deserved to be treated better by Toby.

However, during last night’s show (July 25), Hugo pulled Chloe aside to ask where they stood as a couple.

Love Island Hugo
Hugo asked Chloe about where their relationship stands (Credit: ITV2)

What did Hugo say on Love Island last night?

Hugo told Chloe that he “didn’t know” where he stood with their future.

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He added: “Don’t worry, I’m not sticking it on you, relax.

“But I’ve just got to double-check that. So obviously I know what your type is, but as we know, this place is mad and conversations eventually happen.

Love Island Hugo
Hugo insisted he wasn’t ‘sticking it on’ Chloe (Credit: ITV2)

“So you may as well do it sooner to save everyone the hassle.”

Chloe said: “I just think what we’ve been through, and where I’m at, I just feel like for me it wouldn’t be romantic, because of how close we are, and I wouldn’t want to ruin that.

“I just don’t know if there would be something and I don’t want to force it. If it’s not happened naturally…”

Hugo replied: “It’s not worth the risk. If it hasn’t happened by now, it’s probably not gonna happen, is it?”

Love Island Hugo
Chloe let Hugo down gently (Credit: ITV2)

What did Chloe say?

Chloe then said: “Yeah. If it was gonna happen it would have happened naturally, but yeah.”

She added: “I’m glad we had that conversation. You know how much I [bleep] rate you. I literally love you more than anything.”

Now, viewers have been creating memes of Hugo and Chloe – with many comparing them to The Inbetweeners characters Will and Charlotte.

If you didn’t know, Charlotte was considered the most attractive and popular girl at school who Will took a liking to.

Here’s our favourite memes from Twitter…

What did viewers say?

One said: “Hugo strutting round the villa with Chloe,” alongside a photo of Will and Charlotte.

Others compared them to High School Musical siblings Sharpay and Ryan.

Another wrote: “Chloe & Hugo giving these vibes rn,” alongside a picture of the pair.

Love Island continues on ITV2, tonight, at 9pm.

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