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OPINION: ‘Lorraine, stop behaving like a child and get back to the great journalist we know you are’

Presenter is doing viewers and herself a disservice

Lorraine Kelly has been a household name in daytime TV for years.

Her ITV show is popular with a lot of viewers, with many people loving the light-hearted content, her interviews with A-listers and generally being a feel-good programme.

But the show has been getting more and more negative responses from viewers recently, and some points I have to agree with.

Lorraine Kelly Instagram
Lorraine has become a household name (Credit: ITV)

What has Lorraine Kelly been doing recently?

On the show today (May 13), as she spoke to The Repair Shop’s Jay Blades, Lorraine commented on the noise from the birds in the background.

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But, like a young child, she called them “tweety birdies” several times.

She told him: “I love the birdies in the background, everyone should have that in their life.”

Lorraine Kelly today
‘Birdies’?! (Credit: ITV)

Over on Twitter, people pointed it out with many saying they found it “annoying”.

One said: “WHY is she talking about ‘tweety birdies’ OMG a grown woman talking like a three year old I just can’t.”

Another agreed, writing: “Tweety birdies…  how old are you… 4?”

And, I have to admit, I thought the exact same thing!

I’ve also noticed Lorraine interrupting guests on multiple occasions, which makes it increasingly hard to watch.

Celebrity Gogglebox cast
Lorraine receives mixed responses on twitter (Credit: ITV)

Lorraine in interrupt mode

Last week, Lorraine spoke to a doctor who featured in Kate Middleton’s Hold Still photography book.

Dr Ceri Hayles appeared on the programme and got completely cut off mid-sentence by Lorraine.

Now I get the show is live and timings are strict, but I feel she could have let her finish what she was saying.

Ceri said: “These images will form part of history and I think the…”

Lorraine then cut in: “They absolutely will. Ceri, a pleasure to talk to you. Congratulations on being in this beautiful book and thank you for all the work you and your colleagues are doing.”

Lorraine Kelly
Lorraine cut off the doctor on the show (Credit: ITV)

I was also shocked when she insisted Brits were “fast becoming a nation of fatsos”. Really?!

That said, Lorraine has used her show as a great platform for many reasons.

Recently she’s launched a No Ifs, No Butts campaign to raise awareness of bowel cancer, which is undeniably great.

And, away from this show, she rightly received all the praise for her Return to Dunblane documentary back in March.

It saw her mark the 25th anniversary of the tragic Dunblane massacre, in which 16 children and their teacher were murdered.

lorraine kelly joe lycett got your back
Lorraine’s Return to Dunblane documentary was incredibly powerful (Credit: ITV)

Lorraine deserves praise for her Dunblane doc

Lorraine went back to the small Scottish town, where she met the families affected by the tragedy.

The documentary was incredibly powerful and showed Lorraine as the hugely talented journalist and presenter she is.

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Viewers also agreed, calling the star “genuine” and “respectful”, which I couldn’t agree more with.

I think Lorraine should do us all a favour – most of all herself – and leave the daytime fluff to someone else, so she can get her teeth stuck into more hard-hitting issues that really matter to people. And that she excels at delivering with intelligence, gravitas and humanity.

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