coleen nolan and new boyfriend michael loose women

Coleen Nolan’s new boyfriend makes debut on Loose Women today

The couple have been together for seven months now

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After months of keeping viewers guessing who her new boyfriend was, Loose Women star Coleen Nolan finally revealed him to the world last week.

Today, Coleen’s new boyfriend made his long-awaited debut on the show to talk about his and Coleen’s romance.

Coleen’s new man makes his Loose Women debut

coleen nolan and new boyfriend michael loose women
Coleen’s new boyfriend, Michael, appeared on the show today (Credit: ITV)

The Loose Women had pranked Coleen into thinking her new boyfriend, Michael Jones, 57, would be appearing on the show last week.

He wasn’t actually waiting in the wings then, but today he was, and he made his long-awaited debut on the show this afternoon.

Michael initially appeared on his own, without Coleen on set, to talk to Ruth Langsford and her fellow panelists about his blossoming romance with the star.

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Ruth took the opportunity to ask Michael about the relationship from his perspective, and how it went from swiping right on Tinder to talks of marriage.

Michael said it was a “little bit strange” seeing Coleen appear on Tinder as he recognised who she was.

“I didn’t think for once that we’d match anyway,” he said. “Let alone hear from her if I did swipe.”

Michael then revealed that once they’d matched, they chatted for a while. “A few weeks, actually,” he confessed.

What happened next?

coleen nolan and new boyfriend michael loose women
Michael talked about his and Coleen’s first date on Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

Janet Street-Porter then took the opportunity to grill Michael about his and Coleen’s first date. Michael revealed that they met up for the first time in a pub and said it was a “great evening”.

Michael then told the panelists that he’d met all of Coleen’s family, but not all in one go as there are so many of them!

Eventually, the Loose Women allowed Coleen back on set, who came on carrying a birthday cake for Michael!

Coleen admitted that it was “absolute torture” having to sit backstage and watch Michael sit on the panel on his own.

They then spoke more about their first date, with Coleen revealing that it lasted around six hours!

Michael then spoke about how he gets a bit of stick from his workmates about his new relationship, and has even picked up a new office nickname – Mr. Hollywood!

Coleen was quick to shut down talk of marriage, but said “it’s lovely the way it’s going, it’s going really well”.

She said: “We don’t need to think about the M-word yet.”

How did Loose Women viewers react to Coleen’s new boyfriend segment?

coleen nolan and new boyfriend michael loose women
Michael and Coleen have been together for seven months now (Credit: ITV)

Viewers were divided over the decision to dedicate a segment of the show purely towards Coleen and Michael’s relationship.

But the criticism was drawn out by people defending the star.

“Why all this fuss about Coleen’s new man? Is anyone actually interested?” one viewer grumbled.

Must be a #SlowNewsDay on #LooseWomen if they have to interview Coleen Nolan’s new boyfriend,” another said.

“Who gives a [bleep] about Coleen’s new squeeze?’ Seriously!” a third wrote.

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It wasn’t long before fans defended Coleen.

One said: “To all of the haters, have a day off! What a lovely guy Coleen’s new boyfriend is no wonder she wanted to show him off. The show is about the panel discussing their private lives at times so what’s the problem.”

Another replied: “I agree with you, I thought it was really nice and he seemed a very nice chap.”

“I missed Loose Women today because I was working but why all the negative comments towards Coleen? With all the crap in the news, it’s good to see a positive story surely? If not, turn over,” a third tweeted.

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