Line Of Duty Jed Mercurio

Line Of Duty creator Jed Mercurio clears up confusion over Ted Hastings

The superintendent's role has changed since series one

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Line Of Duty creator Jed Mercurio has addressed fans who might have noticed a difference in the role Ted Hastings has in the first series.

The popular cop drama is on BBC One for a rerun, attracting long-time fans and newcomers alike as it takes viewers back to Central Police’s anti-corruption unit, AC-12.

Line Of Duty Jed Mercurio
Line Of Duty creator Jed Mercurio spoke about the Ted character on Twitter (Credit: BBC/World Productions)

What did Jed Mercurio say about Line Of Duty’s Ted Hastings?

The fifth series aired last year and fans will remember that Superintendent Ted Hastings, played by Irish actor Adrian Dunbar, plays a huge role as the team works to uncover the identity of mysterious crime boss ‘H’.

For many, this is the first time they have seen the first series of the show since it originally aired back in 2012.

And according to Jed Mercurio, some will be puzzled that Ted has a much smaller role in the earlier episodes.

Line Of Duty Jed Mercurio
The screenwriter clarified why Ted Hastings now has a much bigger role in the story (Credit: Brett D. Cove /

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On Twitter, the screenwriter and novelist clarified why that is – and why Ted’s role became much bigger as the show’s popularity grew.

He tweeted: “Some viewers may be surprised that in #LineofDuty Series 1, Superintendent Ted Hastings appears in a supporting role.

We need more Hastings.

“Adrian Dunbar’s performance had such a big impact, the character broke out to become a lead in future series.”

Jed went on to compare Ted – affectionately known by his AC-12 team and fans alike as The Gaffer – to The Fonz from the US sitcom Happy Days.

He continued: “Like Happy Days, The Gaffer was The Fonz!”

What do viewers think?

Fans had to admit that they did notice the lack of Ted as they returned to the first series.

One replied: “I’ve just started LoD and did think that we need more Hastings. Great series so far.”

Another said: “Missed series one, just caught up. Very disappointed at how little of my favourite copper I saw. Series two now!”

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A third wrote: “I only realised this when I was watching the whole thing again for, I think, the third time? He’s become so iconic that I was shocked to notice how small the role was. Love him, love the show!”

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