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Is Lindsay Denton in Line of Duty good or bad? Keeley Hawes on her view of her character

Viewers can't work out whether she is a psychopath or more of a victim

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Lindsay Denton is one of the most prolific characters in Line of Duty, despite only appearing in two series of the hit BBC series.

Keeley Hawes played the multi-layered character on the Jed Mercurio-penned police drama.

Let’s get under the skin of Lindsay Denton – is she a psychopath, what happened with her – and which actress played her?

Get the answers to these questions and more below…

When was Keeley Hawes in Line of Duty?

Keeley Hawes is one of the most in-demand and celebrated actresses on British television, known in recent years for Finding Alice, The Durrells and Bodyguard.

She played police officer Lindsay Denton in Line of Duty in series two and series three.

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Lindsay is a Missing Persons detective, who faces personal and career turmoil.

lindsay denton on line of duty
Keeley Hawes as Lindsay (Credit: BBC)

Did Lindsay Denton sleep with Steve Arnott?

Well, yes, we think so.

Steve repeatedly tells boss SI Ted Hastings and some-time girlfriend Sam Railston he did not sleep with Lindsay in series three.

But a jury ruled the pair did get together, which led to her eventual acquittal.

He later appears to confirm the affair when he tells Lindsay not to play a recording from her bedroom in front of his colleagues.

In series two, Lindsay has an affair with married DDC Mike Dryden, played by Mark Bonnar.

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She becomes pregnant with his child, but he pressures her into having an abortion – she then goes on to stalk him.

Is Lindsay Denton good or bad?

Lindsay is a multi-faceted, deeply complex character. As a police officer she accomplishes some worthy acts.

But she was also complicit in a very disturbing one.

And she gives up her home to help her sickly mother.

lindsay on line of duty
Did you like this LOD character? (Credit: BBC)

However, her personal life is also chaotic, and very troubled. She can be callous and her stalking is obviously very concerning.

While speaking to The Telegraph, Keeley said she ‘loved’ Lindsay’s character and adored playing her.

She also expressed sympathy for her poor lot in life: “She has simply had a really s—– run in life. She’s depressed – I know what that’s like – but she has to carry on in her life.”

What happened to Lindsay Denton in Line of Duty?

Lindsay is killed off in series three. She is murdered by Dot Cottan, also known as ‘The Caddy’ (played by Craig Parkinson) after refusing to take a bribe.

keeley hawes at bbc radio
Keeley looks a lot different out of character! (Credit: BBC)

Who is Lindsay Denton based on?

Lindsay Denton is not believed to be based by an exact person. However, her storylines are likely inspired by several incidents within real life anti-corruption police units.

Jed Mercurio has said he has been inspired by real life stories he’s learned from researching these units. He has also had several police officers serve as advisors on the series.

Will there be Line of Duty Series 7?

Now there’s the million pound question! Series 6 saw the identity of H finally revealed but many viewers refused to believe that is the end of the story.

And indeed Jed Mercurio has hinted there could well be more – if he has more of a story to tell and the timing is right.

Adrian Dunbar, Vicky McClure and Martin Compston have all agreed in theory they’d be up for coming back.

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