Jane McDonald with her mum

Jane McDonald on the ‘illness’ fuelled by childhood day trips with beloved mum Jean

No wonder she always looks exquisite!

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Jane McDonald is known for her gorgeous stage outfits, sparkly clothes and all-round star quality.

But did you know that behind that polished exterior lies what Jane herself calls an “illness”?

And, not only that, it appears to have been indulged by her lovely late mum Jean.

Jane MCDonald smiling on holiday
Jane McDonald is in Florida on tonight’s Holidaying With… show (Credit: Channel 5)

Jane McDonald on ‘illness’

During her recent Jane McDonald‘s Yorkshire show on Channel 5, Jane opened up about what she called her “illness”.

The lovely Jane is always impeccably dressed in the finest clothes, and now we know why.

She revealed that she’s addicted to shopping.

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Jane reflected on her childhood during one of the episodes and the trips to the shops she used to make with her mum.

She said they knew where to find “all of the bargains” and admitted she used to blow all her pocket money at the shops.

Jane made the comments during a trip to Leeds City Centre and admitted her addiction to shopping got out of hand.

“Now, this is how I remember shopping with my mum on a Saturday afternoon.

“The bright lights and exciting array of shops of the big city made Leeds a special day out for us and worth the journey.

“We’d ride on the top deck of the bus, the 110 actually, and plan our day ahead.”

Jane McDonald smiling with her mum
Jane lost her beloved mum Jean in 2018 (Credit: Channel 5/YouTube)

Singer ‘can’t pass a shop’ without going in!

She later continued: “Leeds was the place where I got the shopping bug.

“So, it’s an illness now, shopping for me, because I can’t pass a shop.

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“I really love shopping and Leeds has always been synonymous for having the best shops.”

The Loose Women panellist went on to explain during her club singing days, she would head to Leeds to find all of her sparkly outfits.

So, it’s an illness now, shopping for me, because I can’t pass a shop.

However, bargain hunter Jane revealed she’d never pay full price for something.

“Back in the day, me and Mum always knew where the bargains were,” she quipped.

Jane revealed that her lovely mum had died in December 2018.

She said: “A light in my heart has gone out.”

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