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I’m A Celebrity: Viewers turn on AJ Pritchard as he accuses Jordan North of poor toilet hygiene

Talk about awkward!

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AJ Pritchard stunned I’m A Celebrity viewers on Friday evening when he accused campmate Jordan North of urinating on the privy toilet floor.

The former Strictly star, 26, said he was upset over the privy toilet being repeatedly wet with pee.

Meanwhile Vernon Kay, 46, said he’d noticed that one of the campmates had poor aim.

And AJ also said he was determined to find out who the culprit was.

jordan north on i'm a celeb
Poor Jordan was accused of peeing on the floor! (Credit: ITV)

What did AJ Pritchard say on I’m A Celebrity?

Finally zeroing on in Radio 1 presenter Jordan North, 30, he claimed he was to blame.

AJ even said he had spied along with Vernon and Sir Mo Farah, 37, Shane Richie, 56, when Jordan went to the toilet.

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The dancer explained: “Yesterday, me, Shane and Mo waited around to see after everyone went into the toilet and checked.”

Before angrily adding: “It really annoyed me because every guy was saying it wasn’t them.”

Despite AJ’s sleuth skills, dozens of viewers were left less than impressed with him calling out Jordan.

aj pritchard
AJ was angry at the wet floor in the privy (Credit: ITV)

One viewer vented: “AJ is a moaner. He complains about how much food there is, spies on who goes in the toilet, re-cleans other people’s washing up and has a face like a smacked a*** most of the time. #ImACeleb.”

While another viewer argued: “#ImACeleb it takes a special kind of person to monitor people’s toilet habits #AJ. I’m sorry but #AJ is such a trouble causer! And let’s not forget he moans about #ShaneRichie and #Hollies 4 stars after only getting 5 himself. Pack your bags lad!”

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And a third user claimed: “Why is AJ watching who’s going for a p*** … bit weird in it #ImACeleb.”

However other fans lept to AJ’s defence.

aj pritchard tongue action
AJ said something rather naughty about his girlfriend (Credit: ITV)

What did AJ say about his girlfriend?

One viewer claimed: “Weird ppl are disliking AJ not wanting piss everywhere in the toilet. If someone was pissing over the bathroom you had to use you wouldn’t like it. He said it was Shane and Mo with him investigating too #I’m A Celeb.”

Whereas another viewer argued: “Don’t get why people think AJ is annoying for wanting the things he eats out of clean and they’re not to be piss on the floor in the toilet? Like why are people getting their back up and him wanting to maintain some hygiene?”

Meanwhile AJ made a rather rude innuendo on on his trial with Shane Richie.

The task involved each of them licking stars until they were released – while various insects and critters were poured onto their heads.

Shane encouraged him by joking: “Think of Ann Widdecombe.”

But AJ quickly hit back with: “I’m thinking of my girlfriend.”

Viewers rushed to Twitter to share their glee over the cheeky remark.

For instance, one viewer gushed: “As IF AJ just said he was thinking about his girlfriend on this tongue trial” – followed by multiple laughing face emojis.

But a different viewer was left unimpressed and tweeted: “Me and my household are emotionally scarred after hearing AJ say “I’m thinking about my girlfriend”

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