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I’m A Celebrity: Saturday episode viewers left fuming over ‘boring’ episode

Not what anyone was expecting!

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I’m A Celebrity viewers were left furious on Saturday night after a particularly uneventful episode.

As viewers across the UK settled down for a Saturday eve of new I’m A Celeb content – they were left bitterly disappointed.

The latest episode turned out to be just a highlight of the first week of the series.

Bar a few unaired scenes, the hour-long episode consisted predominantly of recapping previously aired standouts.

Ant and Dec recapped some of the series most memorable moments so far.

im a celeb vernon kay
Vernon Kay looking unimpressed on I’m A Celebrity (Credit: ITV)

What happened on I’m A Celebrity?

This came in despite of the show only being on a week and not a single celebrity voted out yet.

Viewers took to Twitter in droves to share their fury.

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One cross ITV viewer vented: “We’re in the middle of a lockdown, with nothing to do but watch TV and #ImACeleb put on a recap after one week??”

While another asked: “A recap episode? it’s only been 6 days i’m- #ImACeleb #imacelebrity.”

Whereas a third user fumed: “Well that’s disappointing…. was looking forward to tonight’s live episode #ImACeleb.”

beverley callard
Viewers were expecting a live episode of I’m A Celebrity (Credit: ITV)

Why are viewers so angry?

Yet another viewer tweeted: “Me watching #ImACeleb tonight wondering why the hell it’s a recap episode. What do they think we’ve been doing all week, #imacelebrity is all we have.”

However, the episode did air a few little unaired tidbits.

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One interesting conversation explored the celebrities first jobs.

Sir Mo Farah revealed his first ever job was working at McDonald’s cooking burgers.

While Jessica Plummer said she quit working in a ‘boring’ jewellery shop after working there just one day.

ant and dec im a celebrity
Even Ant and Dec weren’t able to cheer up the unhappy I’m A Celeb viewers (Credit: ITV)

Whereas a rather gratuitous shower scene of AJ Pritchard appeared to go down well with many viewers.

Several took to Twitter to share their appreciation for the steamy scene.

One viewer jokingly tweeted: “Okay but AJ’s shower scene though #ImACeleb.”

And another viewer shared: “I’d be happy with a whole episode dedicated to AJ shower scenes please and thank you

But other disgruntled viewers argued that AJ was getting more screen time in the recap episode than on the actual live ones.

One fan claimed: “Not AJ getting more screen time during a recap episode than an actual episode.”

Another viewer chimed in with: “AJ getting more screen time tonight than the entire first week. #ImACeleb.”

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