Naughty Boy in a blue top, talking in the Bush Telegraph on I'm A Celeb

I’m A Celebrity fans demand Naughty Boy leaves as he threatens exit again

Even Ant and Dec made fun of him

Fans of I’m A Celebrity have had just about enough of Naughty Boy and his threats to leave the show.

The music producer has said he’s going to depart just about every night since I’m A Celebrity started on Sunday night (November 21).

And it’s got so boring, even Ant and Dec poked fun at his repeated threats, that he never actually follows through on.

I'm A Celebrity Naughty Boy smiles as he prepares to take on the trial
Naughty Boy kept threatening to leave (Credit: ITV)

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What happened tonight?

Naughty Boy announced to Snoochie, Matty and Danny that he was going to go tomorrow.

“I want to make tonight a special night, as I will be leaving in the morning,” he said.

Snoochie asked: “You will be? You’re leaving?”

Naughty Boy replied: “I just think my time here is done.”

Snoochie disagreed and told him: “I feel like your journey’s only just begun. If I had handcuffs I’d chain you to a chair, but I don’t.”

Naughty told her he had to “do what’s best” for himself, and he later told the Telegraph he was planning to leave tomorrow.

“I feel like my journey here in the camp has come to an end. I can’t go against my spirit.”

He told his campmates he felt good about his decision and not at all sad, before saying he loved everyone.

What did fans say about Naughty Boy’s threats to leave I’m A Celebrity?

Fans are fed up of his constant declarations he’s going and instead of begging for him to reconsider they have washed their hands of him.

Lashing out on Twitter they’ve all insisted he just hurry up and go and many think he’s playing a game.

One said: “Naughty Boy giving it the ‘I’m leaving’ guff again. Is he just saying that so when it comes to being voted out he’s kept in? If you want to leave just [bleep] walk man.”

I'm A Celebrity Ant and Dec laugh at Naughty Boy
Ant and Dec laugh at Naughty Boy (ITV)

Did Ant and Dec joke about Naughty Boy’s exit?

Even Ant and Dec are aware the threats to go then deciding to stay is getting old.

They made a joke about it with Ant saying he was checking the script for tomorrow night’s show and it also said Naughty Boy said he was leaving again.

Naughty Boy managed to get 11 stars in his trial (Credit: ITV)

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Did Naughty Boy quit I’m A Celebrity?

The music producer went on to participate in the latest trial and scored a whooping 11 stars.

It’s the first time a celebrity has returned to camp with a full set of meals since the show started this year.

The triumph gave him a new lease of life and a newfound confidence and he decided to stay.

“I can’t,” he told Danny Miller when the actor asked if he was still planning to leave, “11 stars, I can’t.”

He then told his campmates he has been thinking of going, but he was so glad he didn’t.

So he remains in camp for now. That is until tomorrow, eh, Ant and Dec!

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