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I’m A Celebrity news: Fans shocked by Snoochie Shy’s Eagles confession

Fans were surprised the BBC Radio 1Xtra hadn't heard of the iconic band

I’m A Celebrity fans were left stunned by BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ Snoochie Shy last night (November 25) as she dropped some pretty shocking news.

In a chat with Richard Madeley and Louise Minchin, the 29-year-old star revealed that she didn’t know who the Eagles were!

Snoochie Shy on im a celebrity
Snoochie didn’t know who The Eagles were on last night’s show (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity news: How did Snoochie Shy’s lack of knowledge come up?

During last night’s episode of I’m A Celebrity, Louise and Richard had a chat with Snoochie about music.

“What’s your go-to type of music?” Snoochie asked Louise and Richard as they helped with the washing.

“I like rock,” Richard Madeley replied, citing The Beatles as a favourite of his. “It’s all very dated. I thought The Eagles were an incredible band.”

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“The who?” Snoochie Shy asked, not in reference to the legendary 60s band.

“I don’t know who they are,” Snoochie said when Richard repeated himself.

Richard asked Snoochie Shy if she’d heard of one of the band’s most iconic songs – Hotel California – but the DJ shook her head.

“I know who The Beatles are, obviously,” Snoochie Shy said, but Louise and Richard were in shock.

richard madeley shocked by snoochie shy confession on I'm A Celebrity
Richard Madeley was shocked at Snoochie Shy’s confession (Credit: ITV)

What were Richard and Louise’s reactions?

Snoochie then said that if Richard sang a song the Eagles had sung, she might know who they are. Richard Madeley and Louise Minchin then launched into a short rendition of Hotel California.

The six-and-a-half-minute long song was released back in 1977 and won a Grammy for Record of the Year in 1978.

Initially, Snoochie didn’t recognise the song, but when Richard started singing the chorus, it clicked.

“Oh, yeah, I know that,” she said.

Snoochie later admitted she didn’t know the song American Pie by Don McLean either. She thought Richard was talking about the 1999 movie.

snoochie shy on im a celebrity (1)
Fans were less than impressed with the DJ’s lack of knowledge (Credit: ITV)

What did I’m A Celebrity fans say about Snoochie Shy?

Louise and Richard were fascinated by the generational gap between themselves and Snoochie. However, I’m A Celebrity viewers were less than impressed with the DJ’s lack of “classic” musical knowledge.

“Snoochie Shy is nearly 30 mate. Not knowing who The Eagles are isn’t a generation gap. It’s just a gap in knowledge. And for a DJ it’s a pretty poor gap,” one viewer tweeted.

“Isn’t Snoochie a radio DJ?” another I’m A Celebrity fan asked. “Shouldn’t she know the Eagles etc. She’s not that young.”

“I’m the same age as Snoochie Shy and I am not a radio DJ and I know who The Eagles are,” a third viewer said.

One viewer took Snoochie’s side though.

“People saying Snoochie doesn’t know who the Eagles are but they don’t know who Linkin Park or Incubus are. It’s all relative!” they wrote.

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You can catch more of Snoochie Shy on I’m A Celebrity tonight at 9pm on ITV and ITV Hub.

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