I’m A Celebrity Bushtucker Trials to feature ‘British delicacies’ like tripe

And this year's line-up could come face-to-face with a ghost too

Details of this year’s I’m A Celebrity Bushtucker Trials have been reported.

As with most things in 2020, I’m A Celebrity is going to be a bit different this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The ITV reality show is moving from the Australian jungle to a once-derelict castle in North Wales.

And, according to a new report, the notorious Bushtucker Trials are set to be revamped too.

What will I’m A Celebrity contestants eat in Bushtucker Trials?

Producers apparently want to theme the Bushtucker Trials more around locally-produced delicacies.

As such, that could mean contestants having to gorge on unappetising “treats” such as tripe and trotters.

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Soap stars Shane Richie and Beverley Callard, Olympian Mo Farah and TV presenter Vernon Kay are among those who are rumoured to be taking part in this year’s series.

The contestants will be holed up in the 200-year-old Grwych Castle in Abergele, which is rumoured to be haunted.

This year’s eating trial looks set to be pretty different (Credit: ITV)

‘British delicacies’

And, if the report published by The Sun is true, they’ll be treated to a range of hardy staples, not all of which will be entirely appetising.

A telly source told the website: “Producers are keen to celebrate British delicacies in the Bushtucker Trials – both good and bad.”

Producers are keen to celebrate British delicacies in the Bushtucker Trials – both good and bad.

They added: “From rough and ready tripe and trotters to traditions like black pudding and rich, Welsh lamb, which non-veggie contestants will find mouthwatering after starving on rations for weeks.”

However, the source pointed out that part of the reason for the new diet is to keep contestants nourished in the colder climate.

They continued: “This year, the food in camp will be carefully worked out by nutritionists to make sure campmates are getting enough calories in the cold so they don’t burn through it and grind to a halt – which could be possible with the expected huge drop in temperature in Wales.”

Shane Richie is among the celebs who are rumoured to be taking part this year (Credit:

Benefits of show moving to Wales

As a result of the show moving to chillier climes, the source added that campmates could burn through “twice as many calories in the cold”.

They added that one bonus of that would be more food than ever before on the series.

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It’s been rumoured that this year’s contestants will be faced with a number of challenges befitting the show’s new location.

These are said to feature gallows, jousting and even fake dungeons.

Haunted castle

But perhaps the biggest worry for the stars will be the fact that Grwych Castle is supposed to be haunted.

According to legend, the ghost of previous owner the Countess of Dundonald has been seen around the castle premises.

She is said to be angry that her husband stripped the premises of its most valuable items.

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