I'm A Celebrity 2021 viewers think Danny Miller is 'faking his fears' for the cameras

I’m A Celebrity 2021 viewers all have theory about Danny Miller

Emmerdale star has previously addressed anxiety issues

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I’m A Celebrity 2021 fans have been questioning whether Danny Miller is ‘playing up’ for the cameras.

The Emmerdale actor, 30, made it clear he was “absolutely dreading” eating trials before the ITV series even started.

And his panicked reaction to discovering he would be taking on the Dreaded Diner challenge only seemed to confirm that.

But some viewers watching at home aren’t convinced Danny’s dramatic Bushtucker Trial responses are entirely genuine.

Danny Miller seemed to be really suffering in the Dreaded Diner
Danny Miller seemed to be really suffering in the Dreaded Diner (Credit: I’m A Celebrity YouTube)

I’m A Celebrity 2021: What has Danny Miller said about eating trials?

Danny accurately predicted in advance how he would fare when facing a gut-churning Bushtucker Trial.

He admitted beforehand: “I am absolutely dreading the eating trials! I fear I will gag!”

Similarly, his fiancée Steph Jones highlighted on Lorraine yesterday (Monday November 22) how Danny may not be best equipped with forcing down unfamiliar grub.

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“He has a very, very, very bad gag reflex,” she revealed.

Illustrating her point, the new mum explained: “Danny gagged over Albert’s nappy when we were in isolation.”

Snoochie Shy also had a rotten time tucking in during the Bushtucker Trial
Snoochie Shy also had a rotten time tucking in during the Bushtucker Trial (Credit: I’m A Celebrity YouTube)

How Danny Miller and Snoochie Shy performed in the Dreaded Diner

Unsurprisingly, Danny and trial opponent Snoochie Shy found themselves tucking into the likes of pig brain in scenes shown last night.

They were also served up dishes of cow teats and fermented catfish, much to their mutual disgust.

Indeed, a constantly-heaving Danny kept a bucket near his feet at all times – and had to take a moment here and there to compose himself.

However, despite the noxious food offerings, some viewers are questioning whether Danny may be putting it on a bit.

Danny Miller on I'm A Celebrity
Too much? (Credit: I’m A Celebrity YouTube)

How have viewers reacted?

Several viewers expressed on social media how they reckon Danny is ‘faking’ his reactions.

Some even went as far to suggest Danny’s ‘tactics’ were intended to draw sympathy and are based on how Jordan North performed on the show last year.

“Just me or does it seem a bit fake how scared Danny is?” one Twitter user pondered.

“Feels like he saw how well Jordan did last year being terrified and he’s hoping to do the same #ImACeleb.”

Just me or does it seem a bit fake how scared Danny is?

Another person claimed: “I’m forever a cynic but Danny is every bit as fake as Jordan was last year when it comes to being scared of everything #ImACeleb.”

A third person was at a loss why Danny – who has spoken openly about his issues with anxiety – would want to be part of the series if he suffers so badly.

“Dunno feel Danny is coming across bit fake. All this fears everything feels like an act, why sign up for the show? #ImACeleb,” they wrote.

Meanwhile, one joked: “Danny was just faking the nerves to get that face rub and kiss from David [Ginola].”

Hosts Ant and Dec were both disgusted and amused
Hosts Ant and Dec looked both disgusted and amused (Credit: I’m A Celebrity YouTube)

However, many people defended Danny on social media.

One said: “How do people think Danny was faking it? I saw his vomit on my screen multiple times.”

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Another gushed: “Oh @DannyBMiller is bloody sweet, he’s such a genuine nice guy.”

A third added: “Well done Danny. You well deserved to win that trial.”

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! 2021 continues tonight, Tuesday November 23, on ITV at 9.15pm.

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