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Holby City finale trailer drops and these 6 questions need addressing!

Holby is coming to an end

Holby City has released a trailer for the final episode of the medical drama.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, March 29) the BBC medical drama will come to an end after 23 years.

As the show prepares to finish there are still some major storylines that need to conclude.

And this new trailer has made that all the more clear.

Here are six questions that need resolving in the show’s finale!

Will Jac die? (Credit: BBC)

1. Is Jac going to die? Can Elliot save her?

Jac has a brain tumour and last week (Tuesday, March 22) viewers saw her go into surgery as Elliot attempted to remove it.

Before the surgery, she asked her good friend not to let her wake up if it wasn’t successful.

After the operation, Jac did wake up, but Elliot told her the tumour was bigger than they thought and he couldn’t let her die.

As they both cried, Elliot told her he would find something.

Will he be able to save her, or will Holby fans have to say an emotional farewell to the legendary Jac Naylor?

Fletch and Sacha have been worried about Jac (Credit: BBC)

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2. What will happen to Fletch and Sacha?

The whole hospital was rocked when they learnt of Jac’s tumour and her friends Fletch and Sacha are among those who are determined to help save her.

The trailer revealed old clips which showed Jac’s growing friendship with both men.

Viewers know Fletch and Sacha have both had conflicts over Jac’s health, but will they pull together for their friend?

Will Russ come back? (Credit: BBC)

3. Will Russ return for Hanssen?

Earlier this year, Russ was surprised when his daughter Billie gave birth.

Russ was later shocked to find she planned to move to Leeds with her baby and she didn’t want her father to come with her.

She revealed to Hanssen that the reason she didn’t want Russ to come is that she didn’t want to ruin her dad’s second chance at happiness.

As Russ confessed his feelings to Henrik, he told him that it was a fantasy.

But it was clear he was only doing this so Russ would put his daughter first.

Will Hanssen and Russ get another chance?

Eli and Amelia are having a baby (Credit: BBC)

4. Will Eli and Amelia get their happy ending?

Fans know Eli and Amelia have been desperate to start a family for a long time.

Unfortunately the couple haven’t had any luck and Amelia recently suffered a miscarriage.

But in last week’s episode Eli and Amelia told Jac the happy news that they’re expecting.

Will they finally get their happy ending?

Elliot returned to Holby (Credit: BBC)

5. Will more familiar faces return?

Over the last few months, we’ve seen the return of many Holby characters including Elliot and even Essie and Arthur, who appeared to Jac in a dream.

Could there be some more big returns for the last episode?

Will Holby ever come back? (Credit: BBC)

6. Is Holby City ever coming back?

Holby fans were left gutted last year when it was announced the show was coming to an end.

Although it looks like it is completely finished, fans are already calling for it to be brought back.

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Last year the BBC confirmed it was bringing back school drama Waterloo Road eight years after it was axed, so it looks like there could be some hope for the show to return one day.

However it looks like for now this is goodbye.

Holby City’s final episode is tomorrow (March 29) at 7.50pm on BBC One.

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