John Barrowman on Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain news: John Barrowman divides viewers as he ‘angrily’ rips into the government

Viewers said he was 'going ape'

In Good Morning Britain news, TV’s John Barrowman divided viewers today after launching into a tirade against the government.

During Friday’s (March 19) episode, the Dancing On Ice judge ripped into ministers for failing to support theatre staff during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, not all GMB viewers were keen on hearing John’s diatribe.

He ranted to hosts Charlotte Hawkins and Kate Garraway shortly after their chat with Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden.

John Barrowman was on Good Morning Britain today (Credit: ITV)

Good Morning Britain news: What did John Barrowman say?

He fumed: “Let me start with the £200million that has been given to the theatre industry, well most of that went to theatres around the country and to West End theatres and producers.

“Not much of that went to the actors and performers, the stage hands, the wig mistresses, the sound people, the front of house staff – everybody else who is involved with theatre.”

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John continued: “I am a lover of sport myself, but I get sick and tired all the time of always hearing, ‘Let’s fill up the stadium and do it socially distanced’.”

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden was on to talk about getting sports fans back into stadiums (Credit: ITV)

Speaking further, John explained how Oliver Dowden had attended a show at the Palladium Theatre over Christmas. Everyone had been socially distancing and wearing masks, while the performers wore face shields. And it proved putting on theatre shows safely “could work”, John argued.

Stop whinging Barrowman, stick to what you’re good at…

He went on to say that the conversation always seems to be about sports venues, before demanding: “Fill the damn theatres up to partial capacity, Oliver Dowden!”

John also pointed out that theatre is a “huge industry” worth “£800million a year”.

He concluded: “[The government is] not looking after the artists or performers, I get sick of it all the time, Charlotte and Kate, I really really do.”

John’s passionate rant about the theatre industry divided viewers (Credit: ITV)

Viewers tell John ‘stop whinging’

On Twitter, one viewer fumed, “[Bleep] off, Barrowman… all he’s bothered about is the attention he’s not been getting for a year.”

“Stop whinging Barrowman,” said a second, adding: “Stick to what you’re good at…oh what is that?”

“Cant stand this Barrowman…” said a third frustrated viewer.

“#GMB football is big bucks John… Theatre work is small bucks… you do the MATH,” argued a fourth. They added in a separate tweet: “Oh [bleep] off John with this theatre crap… it ain’t no priority.”

“Lots of other industries suffering, John, not just theatre ffs,” said a fifth with an angry face emoji.

“John Barrowman going ape,” observed another.

Some praise ‘fantastic’ rant

However, not everyone felt that way. Some praised John’s “passionate” speech and called his interview “fantastic”.

One fan tweeted: “Passionate speech by #johnbarrowman on #gmb on how the grant from government for theatre has gone to venues and producers. NOT performers and backstage staff!”

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Another wrote: “@JohnBarrowman absolutely fantastic on #GMB. Not one person from this government has ever spoken with that passion about this industry! Oliver Dowden couldn’t even get name of the show right before waffling on with his monotonous dull drivel.”

Someone else said: “Yes #gmb I need to see @JohnBarrowman vs @OliverDowden, John will ask Oliver what needs to be asked!”

“Ooh John Barrowman is angry,” said another, adding: “He’s got a point though. It’s all been about sport.”

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