Kate Garraway

GMB viewers divided over Kate Garraway’s plans to return

Her husband Derek Draper is still in hospital

Viewers of GMB have a mixed reaction to Kate Garraway possibly returning.

The presenter hasn’t been on the show since her husband Derek Draper was taken to hospital in March with coronavirus.

Derek is now free of the virus however, Kate said it has “wreaked extraordinary damage on his body”.

Kate Garraway on GMB
GMB fans have a mixed reaction to Kate Garraway possibly returning (Credit: ITV)

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He remains in an induced coma but Kate recently said Derek “sometimes opens his eyes”.

She also revealed doctors have told her she should “go back to work and create a routine in our lives again”.

Speaking to Hello!, mum-of-two Kate said: “The doctors have been urging me not to put my life on pause.

“They’ve told me that I need to go back to work and create a routine in our lives again.

“I need to get back to work so that I can provide for the children and we can do things together, to make them feel that the light hasn’t gone out of their lives, that there’s hope for the future.”

Derek Kate Garraway
Derek remains in hospital after battling coronavirus (Credit: SplashNews.com)

However, ED! readers have been left divided over Kate’s decision to return to GMB.

What did they say?

Some people think she should stay at home and rest.

One person said: “Oh Kate don’t! You need your space and sanctuary, keep safe for you and your husband nothing is worth risking that.”

Another agreed, writing: “Kate you should stay home and rest so you’ve got plenty of energy when it’s your turn to look after your husband.”

A third added: “Take your time Kate, you’ve been been through a hell of a lot of stress.”

Kate Garraway GMB
Some people think she should stay at home and rest rather than return to GMB (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, others said it would be “lovely” to see Kate back and praised her.

One commented: “Keep fighting Derek. It will be lovely to see her lovely smiling face.

“I have missed her I am sure they all will look after her, her work colleagues.”

The doctors have been urging me not to put my life on pause.

Another wrote: “Look forward to seeing Kate back at work, it will be the best thing for her.”

One said: “It will be fantastic to have Kate back.

“l think you are doing the right thing for you and your children, great l can put GMB back on.”

Kate said she needs to create some normality for her and Derek’s two kids (Credit: SplashNews.com)

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Others branded Kate an “inspiration”.

Meanwhile, on Monday’s GMB (July 6), Kate’s colleague Piers Morgan said he thought it was “premature” for anyone to suggest that Derek was in any way “out of the woods” yet.

What did Piers say?

The presenter added: “We’ve got just a little clarification from Kate’s representatives saying: ‘These headlines have a level of optimism that may not be justified.

“‘We hope, as does Kate, that there will be more evidence of a recovery. But it will be a very slow and uncertain path.

Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain
Piers thinks it’s “premature” for anyone to suggest that Derek is “out of the woods” yet (Credit: ITV)

“We’ll hear more from Kate when she joins us later in the week.

“We’re going to talk to Kate, I think, on Wednesday, before we go off for the summer and she’ll have something to say about this.

“I think it’s certainly premature at the moment to think that Derek is in any way out of the woods on this, sadly. He remains in a very serious and critical condition.”

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