Kate Garraway and a GMB guest in her garden

GMB viewers on Twitter all saying the same thing as mum of six moans about cost of living crisis

'It's a difficult time for everyone'

GMB viewers took to Twitter this morning (April 1) after an interview with a mum of six struggling with the cost of living crisis.

Hosts Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway introduced Sharon Mace, who explained the predicament she is in.

However, GMB viewers watching at home all said the same thing about Sharon as they took to Twitter to slate the segment.

Kate Garraway on GMB wearing a blue shirt
Kate Garraway hosted the show with Ben Shephard today (Credit: ITV)

What happened on GMB today?

Mum-of-six Sharon told Ben and Kate: “We’re actually very worried about it and I don’t know what else I can do.

“We are literally doing everything we can at the moment. There’s not much else I can save on.”

Kate then asked: “What are the choices you’re having to make?

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“We hear about heating and eating, try and spell out some of the stark choices you’re having to make.”

Sharon replied: “At the moment I’ve had to get rid of my tumble dryer because I literally can’t afford to run it because it’s on constantly so we’re starting to dry clothes round the house.

“We are using the community shop, which is a massive help. We’ve started to shop at places like Aldi, just to try and bring the food bills down.

“The children aren’t having as many snacks as what they were having so just little things,” she added.

Sharon has also stopped driving the family car and turned off the heating.

How did GMB viewers react on Twitter?

Not many had much sympathy for Sharon, it has to be said, with many presuming she is receiving benefits – something which wasn’t mentioned either way in the interview.

“I think a better example would have been a working family with a couple of kids struggling to pay bills,” said one.

“Nobody can sympathise with an overweight woman with six kids on benefits. Stop expecting the government to pay for everything. People have to take some responsibility themselves.”

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Another commented: “‘We’ve started to shop in Aldi to keep food costs down.’ Where the heck did she shop before? Surely Aldi is a no brainer especially for a brood of kids.”

Having less snacks, wow what a huge sacrifice.

A third said: “Having to quit tumble dryer, kids cutting down on snacks, shopping in Aldi – that sounds like the real world to me.”

“Maybe should had lived within your limits beforehand. Having less snacks, wow what a huge sacrifice,” slammed another.

GMB guest in her garden looking worried
Sharon came under fire from GMB fans on Twitter (Credit: ITV)

‘Keep your knickers on for a week’

Others took aim at her life choices, suggesting that she shouldn’t have had six kids.

“Maybe should have cut down on the number of kids that she expected the tax payer to fund,” said one.

“We have two lovely children, would have wanted more but took the hard decision not to due to finances.

“We shop at Aldi, dry clothes in the house but DON’T get any additional help from the government. Why do people think money should be given because of the children they have?” said another.

“Sorry no sympathy. They chose to have six kids. What more can I say?” said another.

“Don’t have six kids if you cannot afford them,” said another.

“Keep your knickers on for a week? Bad choices. I’d like more kids but can’t afford it so I don’t have them,” said another.

“If you can’t afford to have six children then maybe stop reproducing,” another advised.

‘Show a bit of respect’

However, not everyone was quite so judgemental.

“Wow, no wonder folk are having mental health problems when people like you are around to judge,” said one sympathetic viewer.

“Six children or no children, it’s a difficult time for everyone, show a bit of respect!” said another.

“Theres people out there who probably don’t have any children and are having to make tough decisions to make ends meet! The audacity of some people!” they added.

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