Sheila and Dorothea on GMB today

GMB viewers in uproar over singer Sheila Ferguson’s comments

Her comments came under fire

GMB viewers were left shocked today by comments American singer, Sheila Ferguson made on this morning’s edition of the show (Thursday 18 November).

Sheila Ferguson, 74, appeared on Good Morning Britain today to discuss the reason why she doesn’t like tribute acts.

Sheila’s appearance came after it was reported that Tina Turner is suing a singer for being ‘too similar’ to her.

Sheila Ferguson on GMB today
Sheila Ferguson doesn’t like tribute acts (Credit: ITV)

Why doesn’t Sheila Ferguson like tribute bands?

Tina is taking 30-year-old Dorothea ‘Coco’ Fletcher, who performs in an unofficial show called Simply the Best, to court.

Sheila agrees with what the 81-year-old singer is doing as she appeared alongside Dorothea.

The former The Three Degrees singer didn’t hold back when she was sharing her thoughts on Dorothea.

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“Her vocals aren’t as good as Tina, number one. Impersonating Tina Turner is a no no, that’s number two,” she said.

Dorothea argued that tribute acts were fan-driven, but Sheila was quick to fire back.

She said: “I have nothing against you personally or any artist trying to make a living doing anything, it’s just that if you can sing, then you find your own lane to be in. You’re good enough to sing on your own, why do you have to impersonate Tina?”

Ben Shepherd, Susanna Reid, Dorothea Fletcher on Good Morning Britain
Dorothea, a tribute act who is being sued by Tina Turner, was on Good Morning Britain today (Credit: ITV)

What were Sheila’s comments on Good Morning Britain?

Sheila was asked if her dislike for tribute bands and acts comes because she has ‘personal experience’ of being impersonated.

“I do,” the singer told Good Morning Britain hosts Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid.

“She was ugly, she looked like a dog,” she said of her tribute act. She then went on to explain how she kept on being mistaken for the impersonator while she was in Majorca.

“It kept coming up when I was going out and that’s when I realised I had to do something about it,” Sheila added.

Sheila Ferguson on GMB today
Sheila’s comments angered some Good Morning Britain viewers (Credit: ITV)

What did GMB viewers have to say?

Good Morning Britain viewers were not happy at all with Sheila’s comments on the show today. Many took to Twitter to voice their disgust.

“Sheila Ferguson seems like a genuinely foul person,” one Good Morning Britain viewer wrote.

“Love tribute bands. Sheila is horrible!” another wrote.

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“Sheila Ferguson calling an impersonator of herself a DOG and UGLY is just VILE and I hope your next tour fails,” a third snapped.

Other viewers were quick to praise the 74-year-old. One wrote: “Sheila Ferguson is the type of person to slap you with two back-handed fingers. She came in with THAT energy and I love it.”

It looks as though Sheila won and lost a few fans after her controversial Good Morning Britain appearance today!

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