First Dates: Emma applauded for ditching Peter after he dumped her by text

Channel 4 viewers were treated to another look-back episode

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First Dates viewers have applauded contestant Emma for giving her date Peter a ‘going over’ after he dumped her by text.

During last night’s (Wednesday, November 11) episode, the Channel 4 dating show took viewers on a look back at couples taking a second shot at finding love.

First Dates took viewers back to Emma’s evening with Peter (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened with Emma and Peter on First Dates?

Three years ago, glamorous mum Emma went on a date with Peter, who said of himself: “I wouldn’t say I’m a lady’s man, but I’m a man the lady’s like.”

Emma felt mortified when Peter showed up, as she had dated him a couple of years earlier.

“I can’t believe it… we’ve dated,” she said.

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Waitress CiCi Coleman asked if their relationship came to an amicable end and she said simply: “Text dumping.”

Emma revealed that they used to date – and Peter dumped her by text (Credit: Channel 4)

“Oh god, really?” said CiCi, stunned.

Emma told Peter: “You were the first person I allowed into my home [after my second marriage was over].”

He seemed genuinely sorry as she added: “That’s what upset me so much.”

Towards the end of their date, Peter confessed privately: “I’d like to start it again, clean slate, but she might just stop it dead in the water and say no.”

Afterwards, Emma said: “I think that after what happened, I don’t think you realise the impact it had on me.”

Well done Emma. School this fool. Lesson of the day: Do not end a relationship via text.

“I do now,” Peter insisted.

“But at the time you didn’t,” Emma continued. “And because of that I wouldn’t date you again. I don’t think I trust you.”

After their date, Peter said he would like to start afresh with Emma (Credit: Channel 4)

She added, laughing: “I’m too mature for him.”

Emma also revealed that Peter’s text had simply read: ‘Dumped.’

Viewers took to Twitter to comment on the date (Credit: Channel 4)

What did viewers say about last night’s First Dates?

Reacting on Twitter, Channel 4 viewers applauded Emma for deciding not to pursue things with Peter.

One said, using clapping emojis: “She said no #firstdates. But did she text him later?”

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Another tweeted: “Well done, Emma. School this fool. #Lessonoftheday DO NOT end a relationship via text. Tacky and lazy. Be an adult, do it face to face or on a call but NOT by text. #FirstDates.”

A third wrote: “This one is really awkward, well he dumped by text so it’s understandable she’s giving him a going over #firstdates.”

Someone else joked: “Peter jumping into a cab after Emma (thankfully) pied him after he text dumped her the first time, ‘Purgatory please’ #FirstDates.”

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