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First Dates: Viewers stunned at Louisa’s transformation after she comes out as gay

She was on the Channel 4 show with Will in 2015

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First Dates viewers were stunned last night over hopeful Louisa and her transformation since they last saw her.

Louisa, from Essex, was on the Channel 4 dating show five years ago, when she was paired up with Londoner Will.

Louisa and Will were on First Dates in 2015 (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened with Louisa and Will on First Dates?

She was a theology student and admitted struggling talking to men, putting it down partly to the fact she went to an all-girl’s school.

The pair hit it off and, apart from some awkwardness, got on really well.

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Unfortunately, Will said afterwards that he wasn’t interested romantically and Louisa looked gutted.

Louisa said she struggled to talk to men (Credit: Channel 4)

Will said: “I don’t think I’d want to take things further with you in a dating front, but that is nothing personal, that’s me not you, and I still really enjoyed your company and I’d love to see you again, maybe in a friendly way? But perhaps not in a dating way.”

Louisa replied: “No, I think… friends, yeah. Lots of women would be happy to have this chap.”

Louisa has gone on to find happiness in herself. She now lives in Berlin and has come out as gay.

At the end of the episode, it revealed that Louisa had moved overseas and had come out as gay.

An on-screen message read: “Despite an unsuccessful date with Will, Louisa has gone on to find happiness in herself. She now lives in Berlin and has come out as gay.”

Channel 4 viewers couldn’t believe how different Louisa looks now (Credit: Channel 4)

What did First Dates viewers say about Louisa?

It showed a picture of her and viewers thought she looked completely different. Others on Twitter praised her for living her best life.

One viewer tweeted: “#FirstDates no way that was the same woman at the end.”

Another said: “Just watched #FirstDates Louisa’s transformation at the end, was a surprise.”

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Someone else said, sharing a ‘mic drop’ GIF: “Louisa’s update, ‘I’m gay and I’ve moved to Berlin’ #FirstDates.”

Can’t stop thinking about Louisa from last night’s #FirstDates An absolute hilarious QUEEN now living her best gay life, in Berlin!? Yes please mate, gimme more

This has to be the best episode of #FirstDates so far this week from Nathan to Louisa and the torture garden pair lol

Love, love, love Louisa! She’s so sweet and funny, hope she finds love soon (I know it’s an oldie episode) #firstdates


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