Dr Hilary Jones

Dr Hilary Jones hits back as GMB viewers label him a ‘hypocrite’ for attending Wimbledon

'How can we trust what he's saying?'

Dr Hilary Jones has come under fire from GMB viewers for attending Wimbledon.

The TV medic, who has been extremely cautious during the pandemic, was spotted at the tennis tournament earlier this week.

However, some fans were disappointed and accused Dr Hilary of “double standards”.

Dr Hilary Jones
GMB viewers criticised Dr Hilary Jones for attending Wimbledon (Credit: ITV)

Dr Hilary Jones criticised by GMB viewers

While it’s perfectly safe to attend the event, some believed Hilary should have turned down the invite.

Taking to Twitter, one said: “Why was he at Wimbledon? He should have declined the invite as a statement.”

A second shared: “Jesus wept. This was Dr Hilary at Wimbledon a few days ago and he has the audacity to preach to everyone else. And don’t say ‘but it’s outside’ – that’s not the point!”

How can we trust what he’s saying?

In addition, a third added: “He should practice what he preaches and set an example to others, if he feels that strong about the restrictions lifting, then he should have watched Wimbledon at home. Seeing him here, how can we trust what he’s saying.”

A fourth complained: “Is that the same Dr Hilary that was sat in a crowded Wimbledon audience the other day.”

Another raged: “Yes loads of social distancing going on here isn’t there @DrHilaryJones don’t treat us like idiots!”


Meanwhile, others called out Susanna Reid for attending England’s Euro victory against Denmark.

Furthermore, one tweeted: “So… @DrHilaryJones was at Wimbledon without a mask and in close proximity to others.

“@susannareid100 was at Wembley with thousands of others without a mask but both continue to tell others about keeping lockdown restrictions. Hypocrites? #GMB.”

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Another penned: “FACTS… avoid crowded spaces?! Does this include Wembley & Wimbledon? Can not stand hypocrisy! @susannareid100 too. @DrHilaryJones please don’t preach FACTS to us and then you all do what the hell you want to anyway with the cover of… we’ve been vaccinated! sick of it!”

However, one appeared to defend Dr Hilary.

They shared: “People need to get a grip. He’s probably double vaxxed and had to give negative PCR to go into Wimbledon. No one wearing masks as it’s all part of the trial, but going on like he is the only one not wearing a mask.”

Dr Hilary Jones
Dr Hilary hit back on GMB today (Credit: ITV)

Dr Hilary hits back at critics

Meanwhile, Dr Hilary discussed the rules in place for sporting events such as Wimbledon on GMB today.

Susanna firstly explained: “The reason that there isn’t a mask requirement at outside sport events now is because there are other mitigations in place.

“You need to have either had two doses of the vaccine and have allowed two weeks after your second dose, or you provide a negative test.”

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Hilary then said: “That’s right and wear a mask getting to your seat. You can take the mask off when you’re in your seat in the outdoor arena, and you hand sanitise and do all the other things. So you mitigate the one metre rule.”

When asked if he felt “safe” at the event, the medic added: “Yes I did, because people are socially distancing and are being cautious and sensible, and it’s a big, vast open-air arena.

“These are mitigating circumstances so I obeyed the rules.”

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