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Don’t Rock The Boat: Adam Thomas praised for defending Craig Charles in Victoria Pendleton row

Some called the ex Emmerdale star 'the nicest guy'

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Don’t Rock The Boat viewers have praised Adam Thomas for sticking up for his teammate Craig Charles as he clashed with Victoria Pendleton on the ITV reality show.

During Wednesday (November 5) evening’s episode, the Red Dwarf star butted heads with the former Olympian.

On Don’t Rock The Boat, Craig Charles branded Victoria Pendleton’s behaviour “toxic” (Credit: ITV)

What happened between Craig and Victoria on Don’t Rock The Boat?

Craig really wanted to be on the boat rowing, but Victoria insisted they should have the strongest rowers on – and leave Craig to take on the land challenges.

However, skipper Fleur East wanted to let Craig – who suffered terrible seasickness the last time he was on the boat – have another shot at rowing.

Victoria took part in Don't Rock The Boat with Adam Thomas and Craig Charles (Credit: ITV)
Victoria said it was because she is competitive (Credit: ITV)

Craig, meanwhile, was unhappy that Victoria clearly took issue with him being back on the boat crew. And on the day of the challenge, Craig revealed he wouldn’t be rowing – and accused Victoria of being “toxic” towards him.

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Victoria defended herself by saying it’s just how she approaches things, as a former Olympic athlete and as someone who is highly competitive. Later, she admitted she shouldn’t hold others up to the same standards she holds herself.

However, viewers’ attention was on Adam as a number of them praised the former Emmerdale actor for sticking up for his pal Craig, alongside Tom Watson and Fleur.

Viewers praised Adam Thomas for sticking up for Craig (Credit: ITV)

What did Adam Thomas say?

Adam said on the show: “I’ll be honest, if you don’t want to row with the weakest member of our crew, then I don’t want to row with you.”

He also argued that the show isn’t about winning but about taking part, as all 12 contestants were there on their own personal journeys.

On Twitter, viewers called him one of the “nicest” guys and a “gem”.

You are truly one of the nicest guys on the planet and Craig so lucky to have you on his side.

One said: “Well Done Adam for standing up for Craig, you are truly one of the nicest guys on the planet and Craig is so lucky to have you on his side.”

Another wrote: “Love the way Tom and Adam stuck up for Craig. Feeling so sorry for him.”

A third tweeted: “Ooh the drama! Adam trying to protect Craig was sweet. Think Craig was slightly harsh saying it how he did.”

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A fourth put: “Well done to Adam, sticking up for Craig, he’s a great guy.”

“Adam is a gem,” someone else said. “Good for him sticking up for his mate and telling these idiots that it’s not about winning.”

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