David Ginola 'is really fed up and could quit I'm A Celebrity', Richard Madeley hints

David Ginola ‘is really fed up and could quit I’m A Celebrity’, Richard Madeley hints

Is he reconsidering his options?

Richard Madeley has teased David Ginola feels I’m A Celebrity isn’t working out how he expected. But could the former footballer quit the series?

Appearing on GMB, ex contestant Richard indicated David, 54, might not be altogether happy with his reality TV experience.

He also hinted the ex Spurs winger was “really fed up” at one point and might reconsider his position as ‘it wasn’t what he signed up for’.

Could David Ginola walk away from I'm A Celebrity?
Could David Ginola walk away from I’m A Celebrity? (Credit: I’m A Celebrity YouTube)

‘Not what I expected’

Richard, 65, exited the show last week. He admitted he imagined there would be a secret area behind the scenes for contestants with less harsh living conditions.

Other contestants apparently thought the same. And it seems the reality of reality TV came as a bit of a shock to them.

Richard said: “I wanted to see if it was what I expected it to be like, and it’s not. It feels real.

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“When the five of us got chucked into Castle Clink, we all thought they show us this and when we’ve done that they’ll say: ‘Anyway, here’s your food and here’s your beds’.

“[As if] it was a game of pretend and there’s a behind the scenes, but there’s not.”

David is a favourite to be crowned King of the Castle
David is a favourite to be King of the Castle (Credit: I’m A Celebrity YouTube)

David Ginola ‘fed up about I’m A Celebrity experience’

Richard went on to claim David in particular was not entirely impressed.

He recalled: “David Ginola was really fed up about it.

He said: ‘I did not sign up for this.’

“The next day we woke up and he tried the doors and they were locked.

“He said: ‘We are in prison, I did not sign up for this. I did not sign up to be chucked into jail. I’ve done nothing wrong!'”

Richard has mentioned David a few times since leaving the show
Richard has mentioned David a few times since leaving the show (Credit: GMB YouTube)

David’s ‘rule-breaking’

Gallic hunk David has cropped up with Richard a few times over the past couple of days.

Richard recently wrote in the Telegraph how David was given a ticking off by producers after breaching show rules.

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Apparently, David attempted to have a ‘secret conversation’ by covering up both of their microphones.

And during his time on the show, Richard seemed captivated as David opened up about his heart attack.

I’m A Celebrity continues tonight, Tuesday November 30, on ITV at 9pm.

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