Pointless presenters stunned as comic James Acaster breaks set during disastrous answer

"What were you thinking?" host Richard Osman went on to remark

Pointless hosts Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman could not believe what was unfolding before them as a contestant broke the show’s set during the episode that aired on BBC One last night (July 27).

Comedians James Acaster and Joel Dommett were paired up for the celebrity special, which also included comics Alex Horne, Tom Allen and Ellie Taylor.

But James and Joel soon came unstuck when faced with a question about ingredients suitable for a spaghetti bolognese.

James suggested ‘chocolate’ might be a valid answer – and also relatively obscure enough to ensure a low score and the pair’s safe passage to the next round of the game.

Joel knew James’ answer wouldn’t fly (Credit: BBC)

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However, the anxious comedian was not sure whether his idea was a good one or not, pacing around the set in frustration.

“If I say that and it is wrong, I’m going to look like such an idiot that I said, ‘Chocolate’,” he reasoned out loud, to titters from the studio audience.

Nonetheless, he eventually plumped for his original answer, but hinted he knew it could cause them to crash out of the round.

“I’m saying ‘chocolate’,” he resolved, before acknowledging, “We’re going home, Joel!”

Whoops! (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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But before James could take the two of them out of the game in spectacular fashion, his team’s podium broke as he leaned upon it.

Seeing the damage before it was revealed he had failed in his Pointless mission, James stated: “Broke that!”

Alexander immediately covered his mouth with shock and Richard held back on his reaction, before mildly scolding the pair for submitting a daft answer.

“What were you thinking?” Richard went on to remark as James and Joel were sent packing without any prize money for their chosen charities.

Joel tries to fix the podium damage (Credit: BBC)

Those watching at home were split about James’ contributions to the game show.

“What an annoying idiot James Acaster is. #pointless,” tweeted one viewer.

But another person insisted: “Best Pointless Celebrities I’ve seen.”

And another felt the comedian had been hard done by with his losing answer, writing: “James Acaster was robbed on Pointless, I have put dark chocolate into spag bol, it is a legit ingredient.”

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