Celebrity X Factor viewers can’t believe Simon Cowell’s new look

The music head honcho is straying from his usual outfit of choice

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Viewers of The X Factor: Celebrity were left stunned last night when Simon Cowell debuted a very new look indeed.

Simon, infamous for wearing his jeans and white shirt combo, opted for a red t-shirt and white shorts on Saturday night’s episode.

As he talked to the wannabe pop stars from his Los Angeles home’s garden, the 60-year-old looked remarkably casual.

Simon went casual (Credit: ITV)
Simon went casual (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers flocked to Twitter to express their shock at Simon’s stray away from his usual ‘X Factor uniform.’

One wrote: “Biggest shock this evening. Simon owns a red t-shirt #XFactor” and another commented: “Why is Simon wearing red?! He’s not in X Factor uniform at all #XFactorCelebrity.”

A third viewer wondered ‘what had happened’ to the music mogul: “Surprising option in clothing for Simon Cowell: A red t-shirt and white shorts, what has happened to him. He usually wears a white v neck t-shirt and blue jeans.”

And a fourth viewer joked: “Simon Cowell in a red tee and shorts is really confusing me.”

Viewers aren’t quite sure of what to make of Simon’s very different style. (Credit: ITV)

The latest series of X Factor has debuted several new looks for Simon.

The revamp of the talent competition has allowed Simon to show off the full extent of his weight loss.

Simon says he has lost 20lbs, thanks to going vegan and cutting back on alcohol and sugary foods.

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Some fans have been worried about Simon’s shrinking fame however, and have been commenting on both episodes of the new series about how ‘ill’ Simon is apparently appearing.

One worried viewer wrote on Twitter after last night’s episode: “Simon you look ill? You’ve lost so much weight. More than a new health regimen should lose you?”

Simon does look remarkably different these days (Credit: ITV)

Another concerned fan Tweeted: “Have to say Simon Cowell looks seriously ill. Hope he’s okay.”

A third fretted over how thin Simon’s legs appeared in his white shorts: “Simon Cowell DOES look scarily thin, especially with his legs out. Genuinely hope he is ok.”

However, Simon has said he feels better than ever since shedding the pounds.

Speaking on Extra TV about his weight loss earlier this year, he said: “You’ve just got to cut out the obvious. And once you get used to it, you feel better – my memory’s better, I feel better.

“I didn’t find it difficult. I can still drink beer, so I’m happy.”

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