Beverley Turner on Jeremy Vine

Beverley Turner breaks down in tears after being ‘ambushed’ on Jeremy Vine

The presenter isn't afraid to speak her mind!

Beverley Turner was left in tears following her appearance on the Jeremy Vine Show yesterday (June 14).

The TV and radio presenter, 47, appeared on the Channel 5 show to give her views on the coronavirus vaccine.

As well as host Jeremy, broadcasters Angela Epstein and Emma Dabiri also joined in on the debate.

What happened on the Jeremy Vine Show?

However, the panel were divided on their views.

Beverley insisted that people should be able to make their own choice when it comes to the vaccine.

She said: “This has be taken by a decision-by-decision basis because this is a clinical trial until 2023.

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“We do not know the long term affects of this vaccine for any individual. I do not judge any adult who wanted to take it.”

In addition, Beverley added: “If they feel like it’s important to them and they want to take it, I do not judge you.

“We should not be sitting there judging people who haven’t taken it for whatever reason that is.”

Beverley Turner shared her views on the vaccine on the Jeremy Vine Show (Credit: Channel 5)

However, Angela and Emma disagreed.

Angela added: “Vaccine refusers are selfish, irresponsible people who are enjoying their freedom because the rest of us are being vaccinated.”

Meanwhile, Emma “completely agreed” with Angela’s point.

Following the show, Beverley appeared emotional as she discussed the debate in a video on Twitter.

Beverley Turner breaks down in tears

Wiping away her tears, she explained: “It’s not easy, it’s really hard. I know I keep my calm but the ambush when all you want to do is have a conversation.

“It’s a shutdown debate. It’s a one-sided conversation about something that’s so huge and has so many implications for so many people.”

In addition, Beverley said: “The idea that the fear of Covid always trumps the fear of the vaccine is cruel. I didn’t enjoy that this morning – I found it really hard.”

Angela Epstein appeared on the show (Credit: Channel 5)

She later added: “There’s nothing in it for me apart to stop my children being given a drug they don’t need. That’s the hill I’ll die upon.”

Meanwhile, Beverley’s emotional clip left her followers divided.

It’s not easy, it’s really hard

Some appeared concerned, with one writing: “Shame on @theJeremyVine for allowing this to happen on his show. And shame on those bullies for not allowing any debate.”

A second added: “You have no idea how appreciated you are! Stay strong, you have so many voices behind you and many more silent ones too. This is what we are fighting against!”

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However, one pointed out: “I got vaccinated to protect you… you’re welcome.”

Furthermore, the video follows shortly after Beverley was banned from This Morning following a heated debate with Dermot O’Leary.

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