Beat The Chasers

Beat The Chasers: Viewers demand new series but with one big change

This week's episodes have gone down a storm

Viewers are demanding a new series of Beat The Chasers but calling on ITV to make one big change to the programme.

The five-part series, a spin-off of popular quiz show The Chase, flips the old format on its head to see brave members of public take on all five chasers.

Beat The Chasers
Fans of Beat The Chasers are desperate for more episodes (Credit: ITV)

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Host Bradley Walsh takes each contestant through a series of questions in a cash-builder round.

In this second part of the quiz, the contestant is then presented with a series of offers to choose from.

They can either try to play for the the pot they built up in their cash-builder against two of the five chasers. Or they can accept one of the increasingly larger pots.

Beat The Chasers
The spin-off series concludes on Friday, May 1 (Credit: ITV)

Each offer comes with the added risk of facing more chasers and having less of a time advantage.

Their own cash-builder pot gives them a time advantage of 20 seconds. But a top-tier offer – usually in the five-figures and against all five chasers – will reduce that advantage to as little as five seconds. The side that runs out of time first loses.

The player has sixty seconds and the chasers have whatever time was agreed in the offer.

But some viewers have taken issue with the fact Bradley says, before discussing the offers, that the chasers have 60 seconds on their clock – despite them never actually playing with the full 60.

Beat The Chasers
Some viewers want the chasers’ clock to remain blank until an offer is selected (Credit: ITV)

One said: “Hey @ITV #BeatTheChasers is great – please make lots more. One tiny tweak though – don’t put 60 seconds up for the chasers. It’s never the full 60. Just display the time for the current bid and have it top up as each new bid is made.”

Someone else tweeted: “At the start of Beat The Chasers, why does Brad say the chasers have 60 seconds?”

What’s the point of putting 60 seconds on the chasers’ clock?

“Why do they keep saying the chasers get 60 seconds on their clock when they literally never do?” asked a third. “Even when there’s all five playing? #BeatTheChasers.”

Another said: “What’s the point of putting 60 seconds on the chasers’ clock if the offer is never 60 seconds? #BeatTheChasers #nitpick.”

Regardless, the new series went down a treat with The Chase fans – and many are calling on ITV to continue making episodes.

“#BeatTheChasers is the highlight of my nights this week,” said one viewer. “Definitely need more episodes.”

“Please tell me more episodes of the show will be made @ITV @ITVChase,” said another.

Someone else tweeted: “@ITV I would just like to say, well done on the new show #BeatTheChasers. I have really enjoyed it so far and hope to see more episodes made in the near future.”

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“@ITV I’m going to miss #BeatTheChasers when it ends,” said a fourth. “I hope more episodes will be made!”

Another wrote: “@ITV As if it wasn’t fab enough that we have the great quiz programme #TheChase on our TV already, we now have the best quiz show in my 47 years of life in #BeatTheChasers. We need a long series of this show and soon. #TvGold.”

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